Sunday, 30 October 2016

Attending the International Quilt Market at Houston, Texas, USA, 29 - 31 October, 2016. 
One of the displays is by Cathy Wiggins sponsored by Olde City Quilts.


Cathy's "WESTERN ROUNDUP" is hand-quilted, machine quilted and painted, made of leather.
She said 'With this piece, I wanted to bring the look of the traditional pieced quilt into the world of quilted leather. Beginning with one-colour cowhide, I created the illusion of pieced blocks with leather dyes. I wanted to use all portions of the hide so I layered the scraps to create the irregular shape at the bottom.  No part of the hide was wasted. I then went in search of the perfect western-styled conchos to embellish the design'.
"GET 'EM GIRL!" used the same techniques as above using an original sketch.
Cathy said 'Yes, girls can rope cows too. I wanted to create this image in two parts to further represent the energy behind the action. She is so close, but not quite close enough to send the rope. The organic shape of the hides adds to the rustic feel of this western art piece. Western conchos add a bit of sparkle'.
I apologize that I missed the description of Cathy's Bronco Rider but it uses the same techniques as above.
The full display of Cathy Wiggin's Leather Quilts.
These Wild West-Style Quilts are made entirely of leather. Bronco riders, ropers, cowboys and cowgirls.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair Winners 2016

Attending the Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair this week and Canberra Quilters Inc. once again have put on an amazing display of quilts.

was awarded to BRONWYN HILL 
who also won 1st Place in the Art Quilt (Open) section
for her quilt "BEAUMONT"
 The quilt is in three pieces measuring 231cm x 90cm overall

The close-ups show the incredible detail

2nd Place in the Art Quilt (Open) section was awarded to
KAREN TRAVIS for her quilt "HUMMER"
The quilt was also awarded the 
Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award
Quilt measures 120cm x 95cm

Congratulations to both Bronwyn and Karen

ROS HANIGAN visited my stand so excited that she had won 
1st Place in the Large Quilt (non professional) section
for her quilt "MY GARDEN IN AUTUMN"
Ros said it took her 12 years to hand quilt. What a feat!
Quilt measures 264cm x 213cm
Ros enrolled in our Westalee Online Ruler Foot Course today too!

Helen Sullivan is demonstrating the Westalee products on my stand in the absence of Leonie West who is attending the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. As you see, was quite popular and Helen is doing a brilliant job sharing her knowledge on the stand and at a daily seminar. 

Hope you can visit over the weekend
Punch with Judy is on Stand A02

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Final Post from Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair 2016

So very proud of one of our Westalee Online Students 
for her quilt winning 
FIRST PLACE in the Victorian Quilters Inc section 
Therese was so excited when she told me and said she used her Westalee products to make the quilt.
Our other students will be delighted to see this, as I was.

I've shown you a large closeup of the poppies as they were done superbly. 
Therese said "Poppy applique original design. Traditional blocks. Block layout design inspired by 'Summer Still Life' by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting in American Patchwork and Quilting, August, 2013." Quilted by Leanne Kaufmann.
Quilt Measures 199cm x 199cm

Another feature at the show warmed my heart and they deserve some recognition. 
During the past 12 months, Victorian Quilters, through the Wrapped in Love Auxiliary at the Royal Children's Hospital, has distributed 1870 quilts to children with a life threatening illness. (how comforting) They have many, many sponsors, too many to list here, but are thankful for them all.
Marie Lee, VSQ Coordinator kindly gave me some more information.
The Very Snuggly Quilt Program has been operating for the past 15 years. As mentioned above, the amazing number of quilts given to the children in the last 12 months alone, with all fabrics and batting donated.
At the Craft & Quilt Fair, Expertise Events provided them space, Bernina Australia loaned them a Bernina 720 and two Bernina 570QE for use during the show. Horn Australia also provided a cabinet for the 720 so as volunteers may actually quilt the quilts at the show, as well as a Horn cutting table for their use.
WELL DONE VICTORIAN QUILTERS and your wonderful volunteers.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

More Winners from Melbourne's Craft & Quilt Fair

There certainly were some talented quilters showing their quilts in the Victorian Quilters Showcase at last week's Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne.
ROBYN COOTS won the award for Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting, Professional as well as Runner-Up for Mainly Applique, Professional for her quilt 'SCARLET SURPRISE'.

Robyn said "This quilt is an original design. The applique is all hand stitched. Other elements include piecing and trapunto. The flowers are embellished with little black beads and knots embroidered with black silk to represent stamen/seeds."
I hope you can see enough of the detail of the applique.

The finishing of the borders amazed me. 
Seemed to me to be a fine piping curved around, was definitely inserted. 
Just look at the quilting designs too!
Quilt Measures 196cm x 196cm

was Runner Up in the Long Arm Quilters One Person Section
Robyn said "I have long been fascinated by Mandala's and so with this quilt, I used illustrator to reflect design elements, to create a large Mandala design. The fabric is cotton sateen and glide thread was used." (Punch with Judy sells Glide Thread by Fil-Tec, by the way) 
Quilt Measures 145cm x 145cm

First Place in the ART QUILTS
PLUS the Westalee Best Original Design Award
for her quilt "FLUTTER BY - LIFE"
Truly an incredible work of art. Jocelyne said "Our travels along the journey of Life, has its continuous ups and downs, with all forms of emotions experience. The whole picture appears fractured, as we ease from one heightened emotion to another."
Quilt Measures 150cm x 120cm overall
Note the detailed quilting designs

Hope you enjoy viewing these. Of course, there were MANY more.
Our next Show is at Canberra next week, hope to catch up with you there.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Craft & Quilt Fair Melbourne - Winners

Punch with Judy is attending the Craft & Quilt Fair this week at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre and thought you may like to see some of the winning quilts.
The Victorian Quilters Inc. have again excelled in a wonderful display of inspirational quilting by many talented quilters.

Best of Show was awarded to RAMONA RESURRECTION 
for her "BELLA ROUGE" quilt.
Ramona said she designed the quilt using digitised patterns and applied free motion quilting for the fillers, with the aid of rulers. Trapunto was applied with wool through the backing. Copper beads were stitched on top of the background fillers. The borders were enhanced with scalloped lace and cord.
Measures 154cm x 137cm - Also won First Prize in the Longarm Quilter section.

was awarded to LINDA STEELE 
who also won FIRST PLACE in Excellence in Embroidery and Embellishment 
for her quilt "A TIME FOR ALL SEASONS"
Linda said "Time marches on and the seasons change, but sometimes we are too busy to notice how beautiful nature is. Hand appliqued, hand embroidered and quilted on a standard stationary machine".
Quilt measures 191cm x 191cm 

Small Quilts Amateur Winner was ROBYN CUTHBERTSON 
for her quilt "BLUE MEDLEY"
Quilt Measures 90cm x 90cm
Robyn said "In creating this design, I began with Karen McTavish's 'Excalibur' motif and then used illustrator to edit and reflect elements of the design, creating an entirely new design.
Try to visit the Craft & Quilt Fair over the weekend, 
You won't be disappointed.
We are on Stand A11

SEW much to see!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Lights

Many people decorate their house and garden with Christmas Lights each year and it is a real treat to drive around viewing amazing fantasies. Many Councils actually publish a suggested guide tour. We spent last night at Howlong NSW on the Murray River, not far from Albury, visiting Rowan, our Son and Grandson, Hunter. After dinner he took us to see an absolutely amazing home which would delight any child or grown-up children like us. If you live in that area, it is worth a drive to 108 Bank Street, Howlong.  The Crump Family are to be commended for their contribution every year and this year is a Christmas Fairyland. I believe that Peter Crump takes 3 weeks off work just to set all this up. We thank you for taking that time, it is very much appreciated by everyone who visits! I asked Margaret Crump permission to share with you and she said that they both enjoyed giving something back to the community and the Donation Box of appreciation is given to local charities.
It is a long blog, but I didn't know which photos to leave out, 
just couldn't, so showed most I took. 
 Welcome to our Christmas Fairyland!
The Pathway Entrance
Along the Pathway
A little taste of Australiana
A moving See-Saw, actually up and down!
Another Pathway through the centre of their garden
Most of the lights flash on and off, very pretty
Tri-fold sparkling Santa
All their trees were decorated
Note all the leads, everything was connected and flashing
Going to the North Pole?
The front of their House with the family sitting outside
Their Garage included a snow-making machine. See children playing in front of it getting covered in "snow" to their delight - a rarity in Australia
Santa stuck in the Chimney
Animated Santa with music too
Another animated Santa
The side window of the house was a real treat - inside their home
The front window of their house with truly amazing Christmas beauties - true royalty
Another view through the window


I am quite sure their are others, equally as wonderful, but wanted to share this.
Photos don't do it justice, lights are hard to capture, particularly when they are flashing or moving.
In real life, it was magic!