Saturday, 19 August 2017

Non Winners at Canberra Quilt Inc. - Craft & Quilt Fair Canberra

Not all quilts entered win a prize, in fact, some display their quilt but decline from being entered in any judging. Browsing around the quilts on display at last week's Canberra Quilt Fair, these quilts took my fancy. NONE of them won a prize, but that does not matter, they are all brilliant. Many of us would like to be as good, correct?
Now, I am not fond of cats (sorry, cat-lovers) but I was drawn to this cutie - the quirkiness and the colour maybe.

Entered in the Art Quilts
Lynda said: "Lynda, as do most quilters, loves cats. She created this crazy cat quilt, enhanced by her own crazy quilting and embellishments."
The quilting is superb, don't you think? There were so many little cute embellishments, including the rosette necklace too :)
Quilt Measures 104 x 123cm

This next one was not entered for judging but I was drawn to it as it is a pattern we have been showing in our current show seminars demonstrating the X-Blocks.

LARGE QUILTS (Non-Professional)

Kerry said: "This quilt combines complexity and a rainbow of colours. Pieced using jelly roll strips, each block was cut with a personalised ruler to create the illusion of weaving. The unicorn and border were made from leftover scraps. The design was based on the X-Blocks pattern, "Un-be-weave-able".                                       Quilt Measures 224 x 196cm
This next one I am very proud of. Jakki Cashman is a student of my Westalee Ruler Foot Online Course and Jakki entered her quilt finished from the course. Jakki is always very quick to help others and, indeed, has recommended my Online Course to many other quilters in the Canberra area. Thank you Jakki. The colours are amazing and most liked the back of the quilt better as it was very vibrant and it was actually displayed with the back view showing!!! 
Course is Block by Block over 7 months - do it at your own pace, in your own time.

Jakki said: "This quilt was made from fabrics dyed by Jakki in Mary Kennedy's fabulous classes. She used a quilt as your go method that explored an array of possibilities using Westalee Rulers, following an instructive and productive online course run by Punch with Judy."
Now here is the front view, what do you prefer?  
Quilt Measures 160 x 160cm
Jakki is presently overseas, so I hope she sees this Blog. 

Next Course, exclusive to Punch with Judy, 
commences on 1st November

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