Saturday, 19 November 2011

Drunkard's Path Quilts

Punch with Judy has just completed a six month Online Course using the Curve Master Presser Foot for Quilts with Curves as well as other miscellaneous usage on garments, toys and home decor ideas.  For this reason, I was drawn to some "curvy quilts" at the recent Craft & Quilt Fair held in Brisbane during October.  The Queensland Quilters' Raffle was a magnificent quilt using a variation of Drunkard's Path which we did during our Online Course.

 Here is a close-up so as you may see the intersections.

Janome Stand very kindly gave me permission to share with you two quilts displayed on their stand.  These were over-sized Drunkard's Path blocks and were extremely striking and ever so colourful.  Thought you may like to see how quickly you may have a quilt in just a few days!  I have left the sewing machines in the foreground so as you may grasp the dimensions of each block. 

Aren't they great? Thank you Janome girls!

Another Curve Master Online Course will commence on 1st May 2012. Why not consider joining us?

We are now home from attending THREE shows in THREE different States on THREE consecutive weeks!  Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.  Whew!  I doubt if the poor van has ever carried so much weight and it was a challenge to carry sufficient stock and display for all three shows.  Many asked how "we travelled" so I thought you may be interested to see our set-up. (Yes, we did have some deliveries to the show stands too!)

Staying overnight at a motel in Goondiwindi Qld. on the first leg of our journey.

Unloading for the Brisbane Show with the help of Liz's son-in-law - Liz and I are carting the stock from the back dock to the stand location.  Thank goodness for Carl's help!

The back of the van (shown left) had looked like the rear passenger seat (shown right) before the guys commenced unloading.  The trailer was packed just as tightly.  So, next time you visit our stand, appreciate the logistics of it all please!
No more shows until MARCH 2012


  1. I have ALWAYS appreciated how well your van is packed!!! Can't believe you can fit so much in. Might have to get John over to repack my stash - I am running out of room...
    Hugs, Jasmine XXXX

  2. Hello Jasmine, lovely to hear from you. Yes, you would certainly know how much "stuff" I take, much to John's annoyance. Never know what someone may want!! Use your stash, just keep making quilts for all those charities. xx