Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Eve

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my bloggers!

Another great year to look forward to. 
May I extend Best Wishes to everyone.

2012 was ushered in at our house by the female members of the family because ALL the males were in bed before the clock struck 12!  Grandsons had gone "out celebrating" with their mates, but our Granddaughters livened the place up with their antics.
This is "before" and the following is "after" the lights went out!
Their luminous hats and glasses glowed in the dark.
They had so much fun with these. Purchased in a packet and they had to make them up.

As all teenagers do today, communicate with friends via Facebook - one of them told "city" friends they were celebrating at Grandma's & Grandpa's emu farm - what a hoot!  Friend said "kiss an emu for me"!  Jasmine and Ashleigh decided to take up the challenge and went down the paddock in the dark with camera ready to do just that.  Naturally, the emus weren't interested but the giggles of these two in the paddock in the dark soon changed as "Midge" heard them and came bolting up frightening the living daylights out of them.  So, they settled for the next best - sending their friends via Facebook a photo of Jasmine kissing a sheep (Midge) for New Year!
A little blurry because I think Ashleigh (photographer) was still shaking, either with laughter or fright???
Was delightful having them all present for such an occasion.  
Hope yours was as full of laughter as ours was.  


  1. Love the luminous hats & glasses. Looks as though you had a ton of fun. I celebrated New Year with my 4 sisters, 1 brother and their families with a dress up party, complete with our own "Kerry-Anne Kennelly" on the red carpet. I dressed as the Queen so they all had to curtsey and bow to me!

  2. Exactly how it should be. Bet you had fun too! Judy