Thursday, 29 March 2012

Brisbane Craft and Sewing Show

Home again after attending both Craft and Sewing Shows at Sydney and Brisbane.  We experimented with some new black mesh extended wall displays, which still need a little fine-tuning, but I think will work and save us time in the future.  All the displays stay on them for transporting between shows.  The idea is that these travel as you see them here, then we simply have to hang up. As with anything new, we are changing to suit our needs as we discover what works and what doesn't.  What do you think?

The new Restyle Studio was very well attended for all sessions every day.  Kate from Babylock (shown above) and myself presented numerous ideas to revamp last year's casual wardrobe to this year's fashion - with easy ideas for those with little experience in sewing.

Travelled home on Monday then early Tuesday morning, dragged myself out of bed to drive 90 mins away to attend a very important function.  GRANDPARENTS' DAY at Hunter's Pre-School.  The delight on his face when he saw me walk in was enough reward for the effort (given the fact we'd arrived home at 2.30am!)  As you will note, I wasn't too keen on the hand painting let alone the green slimey goo you see in the background.  MOI who hates getting her hands dirty...........

Of course, everyone had to sing & dance amongst shrills of laughter trying to perfect the co-ordination of the actions.  I was also relieved to see others having difficulty in getting back up off the floor! 
Oh to be so young and innocent?

Next will be some of the entries in the Qld. Quilters Challenge from Brisbane Show.


  1. Hello,
    I did like the stand in Brisbane the best I have seen there - the mesh with displays is excellent, especially as you can keep them from show to show. Good idea. Enjoy your blog. Thank you, Maureen Phillips
    PS Maureen sent me this as an email and gave me permission to post on her behalf. Judy

  2. Hello Judy!

    I was hoping you could help me, I purchased the Rowena Charlton Elizabethan collection, and then my computer was compromised with a nasty virus, so badly I had to get what I could off of my drive before it was demolished and repaired. I thought I had gotten my entire sets but it seems I am missing many of them, is there any way you can get in contact with Ms. Charlton? I have been trying to no avail for the past year and her site is not really or running.


    Simone Bryan