Friday, 14 September 2012

More Reporting - Craft & Quilt Fair Hamilton NZ

More items on display at the Hamilton NZ Craft & Quilt Fair

One of the entries in the AP&Q AQC Challenge earlier this year was this comical quilt, also shown at the NZ Show.  Elaine Sturmfels was the quiltmaker and she called it "Love and Laughter".  Elaine said "they say laughter is the best medicine and love heals all so this is my light-hearted version of what the world needs now - love and laughter for everyone." I hope you can see much of the detail and see that some is actually three-dimensional.

For the Best Use of Colour, Maria van Buel was awarded the prize for her quilt "Gaia", a Traditional Wall Quilt.  Maria said she wanted to use earth and water colours in the quilt. 
Most effective, don't you think?
On the whole, it wasn't really cold in Hamilton, just wet and windy; but, on Sunday night as we were packing up, I thought the venue roof would cave in as a severe hailstorm hit with tremendous force.  An hour or so after it had passed, when we were leaving, these photos show just how severe it was to have the ice still laying around so thick.
The roads were still quite treacherous and some areas were far, far heavier than this road shows.
Tomorrow, I shall show you some of the felted garment display and some dresses that are definitely Jeannie Little style!  Remember her on TV with her outrageous costumes made from anything and everything?  Victorians will!


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