Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Houston Quilt Market - DAY THREE

Last day of the Trade Show today at Houston Quilt Market, 2 days break (shopping!) before the retail part commences called Quilt Festival.  Shall have photos of the quilt displays for you from now on.

Walking to the convention this morning, noticed an amazing reflection of one building in the glass side face of another tall building.  Isn't it something?
A display of Lenore Crawford's amazing work was on display at one booth I visited.  Lenore's fabric art combines her love of France, their architecture and flower gardens along with her passion for colour and realism.  Pretty real life, don't you think?

The efforts that some exhibitors go to.  
Shannon Fabric's Dude Ranch had a large floor area devoted to a ranch of animals all made in fabric and in everyday farm poses. There were several views, I'm just showing you two.

Fairfield Processing blew my mind away when I first viewed their mighty tall block on their stand.  Fairfield supply a lot of the wadding/batting you use in your quilting and this structure was covered with textured wadding.  EVER so clever and I was excited to see some pleating among it.

In the foreground there were bolts of their waddings topped by small samples you could feel and some tiny pillows of each one used.  I was interested in a new one to me, made of corn, yes, corn.  You know they have bamboo wadding and I've seen some made from milk derivatives and canola, but I've not seen corn.  I just loved the micro bean pellets too. They were so fine you could hardly feel they were pellets at all. So many options.

Two techniques that are really big news are the number of laser cut shapes for applique being offered as packs, blocks or full quilts; plus, so many "in the hoop" machine embroidery cds for applique.  Such as this one from Smith Street Designs called "Sweetheart Roses".  
You would think it was regular applique, wouldn't you?

Thank you for your emails of appreciation and I'm glad you are enjoying images from Houston!


  1. Yes, for sure. I love it too. The ponies on the other side were to die for. All done in fabric. Judy