Friday, 1 November 2013

More Winners from Houston Quilt Festival 2013

More quilts from the Founders Award section right at the front of the Quilt Show, with those fortunate winning quilters on duty to answer the myriad of questions and pose for photographs.  Unless stated otherwise, each of these quilters won $7,500 in the Quilts:  A World of Beauty, the annual Judged Show of work by members of the International Quilt Association.

JANET STONE from Kansas was among them with her "A Little Bit of Baaltimore" (not a mistype).  Janet said that the title of her quilt came to her several years ago so she decided to make a quilt to go with it! Original album-styled blocks (26) with a primitive scene of her brick townhouse and her fantasy sheep.

Janet used machine piecing, raw-edge applique, machine quilting, free-motion embroidery and reverse applique.

Had to also include the beautiful photo of Janet of whom Ricky Tims told me today in my conversation with him, that Janet is an absolutely incredible quilter, showing me one he had on The Quilt Show Stand that she had done, whereby all the quilting was perfectly executed and all by free-motion. Quilted grids that you could not fault in perfect format, that he too, was astounded.  

CHRISTINE ALEXIOU from Ontario, Canada, amused us with her rendition of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Inspired by illuminated manuscripts, the theme tackles how little human nature has changed since these manuscripts were first created.  These two pages showed Gluttony and Greed.

Christine painted the designs on each panel and sandwiched together to make three quilts that were carefully matched and then quilted. Each was folded in half vertically and bound using traditional book-binding techniques.

"Forever in My Heart" is a quilt made in memory of her mother who passed away from heart disease.  
LAHALA PHELPS, Washington, USA, used hand applique techniques then hand quilted it.  She told me it took her 3 years to complete.

Lahala was inspired by an 1885 antique quilt, "Bleeding Heart", by Mary Ann Grove in A Treasury of Mennonite Quilts.  She said "you will be Forever in my Heart, Mom.

Lahala was also awarded the Robert S. Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry for $5,000.

Mentioned I had a long chat with Ricky Tims, so here he is!

How would you like one of these antique sewing cabinets in your house?

As you know, it is Halloween; there were numerous fabulous dress-ups wandering around today.  Some out of this world, but most were comical.  I tell you, many were very game in their get outs - things I wouldn't be seen dead in.  I came across not RAMBO but QUILTBO, so she told me, complete with packs of fabric ammunition and Olfa Rotary Cutters as weapons, plus so many other clever ideas, many on her back.  Face was blackened though hasn't come out as such.  She was threatening to shoot me!

For those who asked for a close-up of the Best of Show..............
Remember Melissa used Batiks and Tsukineko Ink for this design, so painted, then raw-edge applique, followed by machine quilting.
Can't get a truly close-up because of the "fencing off" around the winning quilts but managed to return today for this photo - for you Wendy.  Another asked how was the reflection of the glass balls achieved - through paints.

Again, thank you to all those who have been emailing me re these reports.  I don't mind staying up till the wee hours of the morning doing these if it makes you feel like you are here with me!  :)

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