Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekend Getaway

Everyone needs a break now and then, so since computer work has been pretty full on for several weeks due to our website's Birthday Sale, John and I took this weekend as an opportunity to get together with family.
Sharelle and Jasmine (Daughter and Granddaughter) were home from Sydney for the weekend and it is Hunter's 6th Birthday tomorrow - St. Patrick's Day. Hunter is our youngest Grandson belonging to Rowan (Son).

Rowan had booked dinner at Howlong Golf Club on Saturday night and it was a lovely surprise to have Sharelle and Andrew and their three kids, now nearly adults - Reece, Nicholas and Jasmine all to join us.
So proud to find out that Jas had just been selected in the Open Soccer Team for the Sydney West Combined High Schools and will play at Armidale in a few weeks time. Congratulations to her.

Had a sleepover at Rowan's in Howlong and then today became tourists. Visited the Corowa Whisky & Chocolate Factory which is related to the brilliant Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory. Commenced in September 2009, renovations of the magical old flour mill have transpired to a lovely tourist attraction for the town along the Murray River, border of Victoria and New South Wales.

The mill had been abandoned since 1970, so it is a huge task to transform it into a distillery. In the very early stages, but the Chocolate is to die for and I LOVE Licorice. These are made at the Junee site - well worth a visit if you're travelling that way.

They only use Belgian chocolate which is luxuriously smooth and organic too. Belgian chocolate is very different to common or compound chocolate in that Belgian chocolate uses all the cocoa bean rather than substituting other ingredients, resulting in a smooth and full flavoured chocolate that is actually good for your health. Do you believe that? True! Chocolate was an ancient health tonic, once described as the "food of the gods" and prescribed by doctors as a stimulant and a soothing balm. I'm living in the wrong era????

Then we drove to Campbell's Winery at Rutherglen to collect a box of my favourite desert wine only to find they'd discontinued making it. Boo hoo. Came away with another, of course, but such a shame re my favourite.

All of their wines are estate grown and made from grapes grown in the Rutherglen Wine Region.
The offered a lovely hamper to choose from to enjoy outside listening to the jazz band who were just setting up. Biscuits, dips, chips, etc. Didn't stay though................

Walked the touristy type shops of Rutherglen and enjoyed the luxury of such an excursion. There are indeed some beautiful towns along the Murray River, make it a must-do-sometime-soon event and you won't be disappointed.

Drove back to Howlong and enjoyed lunch at one of my favourite bakeries.  

Wish we had one like this at downtown THE ROCK.
Home again and back to work!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Congrats to Jas. Must make a note to pop over that way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats to your grand-daughter, Jasmine. I think it's great that girls are playing soccer/football.

    And Judy, of course chocolate is good for you. It comes from a bean, beans are vegetables, vegetables are good for you, ergo, chocolate is also good for you. Besides a little of what you fancy does you good.

  3. What a wonderful weekend. It's always the way when you have a favourite it is always discontinued. Oh well, I'm sure you will find another to replace it.
    As you know we do a lot of travelling and we are convinced that the best bakeries around are in country towns. When we visit we always head to the local bakery.
    You both deserved the break and should do it more often.
    Best wishes Brenda