Wednesday, 28 October 2015


For the past few days I have been attending the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, USA.
The above is only a section of the 400 some trading booths.
I have been posting daily on my Facebook Page, so I invite you to visit HERE.
The Sew Steady booth demonstrating their portable table extensions and the famous Westalee Ruler Foot and associated products. The lecture and hands-on class were very well attended and applauded by all. Janet (my roommate) and Leonie West, the inventor, in the middle of the photo with Mindy and Jerry to the right, the US Distributors. Remember, our very successful ONLINE COURSE for the Westalee Ruler Foot has just recommenced and you may join now.
Best of Show and all others are being chosen this evening so will be announced tomorrow. In the meantime, I have chosen a few to share with you.
In the Section "Wild Fabrications" there were some fascinating entries from extremely clever quilters.
Jennifer Day from New Mexico USA made "NO WORRIES" and has it available for purchase.
She said "the silverback gorilla certainly sums up his thoughts about the day by relaxing and sticking his tongue out at a passerby. He does not have a care in the world. With his cocky attitude, this guy brings joy to all who view him."
A photograph was printed on canvas fabric then thread painted.
Just appreciate the detail and the work involved.
"Blind As A Bat - Not Quite"
Made by Holly Altman also from New Mexico USA
Holly said "Fruit bats, with wingspans up to nearly six feet, are the world's largest bats. Home is Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. They search out fruit and flowers using smell rather than echolocation. Our mythical bat here adores Elton John, hence the red shades. Blind? Definitely not."
Holly's bat is a wire and fabric sculpture, appliqued, stencilled, burned fabric, eco-dyed.
Little bit of fun, don't you think? 
Another entry from Jennifer Day for this amazing portrait in the Balancing Act Section.
JUDY is from a photograph printed on fabric, thread-painted and free-motion quilted. 
Jennifer said "I met Judy one day in the checkout line at a grocery store. She is the epitome of a woman balancing her life. Is she working because she enjoys people or because the state of her finances does not meet her needs? I was immediately drawn to the stories that her countenance tells. Her wrinkles are many, but also are graceful and emblematic of her fabulous personality."
There were many quilts using similar techniques to the above and so many art quilts, modern quilts, traditional quilts and novelty quilts. I shall bring you a selection for the benefit of those who never get to visit Houston for this inspirational event. I hope you enjoy, admire, get inspired and appreciate how clever many quilters are.
On another note, next show for Punch with Judy will be at Adelaide next week. I will fly straight from Houston to that show and hope to catch up with many of you there. Leonie and Bill West from Westalee Design will be my guests too! 


  1. Thank you for sharing just love Jennifer days no worries, would look good in our home.hugs Fe.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Amazing talented people.