Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Miniatures, Dolls, Gypsies and Delectable Meals Displays at Houston

Always a great attraction at any Show and the regular feature at The International Houston Festival is no exception. The US National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts offer fun and friendship as the oldest and largest organization of miniatures in the world. Everyone enjoys the display each year, including me, amazed with the patience and detail given in every aspect.
You may click on each photo to see an enlarged view.
Mad Hatter's Cafe
On the Road Again
Cowboy Western Room
Aren't they great?

Celebration of the Doll and the Gypsy Challenge.  
Another display I bee-line to as I enjoy so much.
John has always said he'd love to make a "doll-house", he is a cabinet maker by trade. This first photo is HIM to a tee (minus the hat), though his dog is a miniature fox terrier. Charlie is always at John's side even when he's in his chair having a Nanny Nap.
Now, for Grandma who is a quilter!

There was also a Gypsy Challenge
So many great ones but I am only showing you a few.

 Another amazing display was the range of three-dimensional placemats. Such humour too. You will need to click on these to enlargen to appreciate the detail and reality as they were truly "alive".
 Edgewater Oysters and Soft Shelled Crab
 Dinner by the Shore
Celebration Dinner
Keep in mind every part was all 3-D, made with such imagination .


  1. Hi Judy , How about you have an afternoon somewhere , and show and talk about your adventures to Huston , old fashion film night of your holiday .
    Kim Nash

  2. Just adore minature Judy, the gypsy challenge a delight, now it's time to,eat after seeing the 3D placemats. Thankyou hugs Fe.

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