Friday, 4 December 2015

Ideas using Emu Feathers

A few months ago, a fellow Exhibitor on the Show Circuit we attend, asked John for some emu feathers; as you may know, we have an Emu Farm. Andy is staying overnight on the way to a show in Sydney and presented me today with four boxes. Upon opening I found the most beautifully presented Sun Catchers.
Andy's wife, Marie, steam cleans the emu feathers, dyes them and makes these treasures to sell. They even make their own boxes, embellished with a beaded flower.
If you are interested, they retail for $15.00 plus p/h and may be ordered from Marie by email -
Below were the original samples given to me, showing dyed and natural colouring emu feathers being used.

My little 7 year old Great Grandniece is making Sun Catchers for extra pocket money, only $2.50 each. You may order some by emailing me and I shall forward your request on. Maybe I should give Zahli some emu feathers to add?

One of my customers, Kim, is a Milliner and has used emu feathers in several of her hats. She loves using them in various ways.

A very high up Army Officer makes Plumes for the Army hats, using our emu feathers. He grades them by length and colour, groups them together with a piece of leather sewn to the base. He visits us every February to pick up his supplies.
 I have some framed fairies, dressed in emu feathers. 

Today we said farewell to some good friends who have been camping on our Motel Site out the back for the last 5 weeks. To Glenys and Graham, safe travelling, thanks for all your help, return again soon. Great set up they have as their home, don't you think?

Glenys has her own sewing section within and made me a couple of pressies whilst here. A mug rug and a cute bits & pieces holder, made from a Hexie Potholder pattern I brought back from Houston Quilt Festival which I gave her to test-run. It uses eight hexagon fabric shapes, folded in half and stacked around clockwise with one flat hexagon base, sewn around the perimeter then turned inside out.  Cute hey?

Next visitors arrive Tuesday - see what I mean by our Motel Site? 


  1. Fabulous emu creations.
    How lovely to have your own motel site! Great people can come and visit.

  2. Loved the emu sun catchers,the pot holder and mug rug just lovely,might book into your motel site one day. Hugs fe x