Sunday, 30 October 2016

Attending the International Quilt Market at Houston, Texas, USA, 29 - 31 October, 2016. 
One of the displays is by Cathy Wiggins sponsored by Olde City Quilts.


Cathy's "WESTERN ROUNDUP" is hand-quilted, machine quilted and painted, made of leather.
She said 'With this piece, I wanted to bring the look of the traditional pieced quilt into the world of quilted leather. Beginning with one-colour cowhide, I created the illusion of pieced blocks with leather dyes. I wanted to use all portions of the hide so I layered the scraps to create the irregular shape at the bottom.  No part of the hide was wasted. I then went in search of the perfect western-styled conchos to embellish the design'.
"GET 'EM GIRL!" used the same techniques as above using an original sketch.
Cathy said 'Yes, girls can rope cows too. I wanted to create this image in two parts to further represent the energy behind the action. She is so close, but not quite close enough to send the rope. The organic shape of the hides adds to the rustic feel of this western art piece. Western conchos add a bit of sparkle'.
I apologize that I missed the description of Cathy's Bronco Rider but it uses the same techniques as above.
The full display of Cathy Wiggin's Leather Quilts.
These Wild West-Style Quilts are made entirely of leather. Bronco riders, ropers, cowboys and cowgirls.


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