Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY! 26th January, 2010.

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I've added another candle to the cake this week and as a special occasion whilst we were together as a family for the summer holidays, we always try to have an outing as an excuse to celebrate anything!  We paid a visit to a truly great local tourist attraction - the Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory.  Mix the two and wow, their chocolate-coated licorice is scrumptious.  Do pay them a visit if you can. They were the winner of the Best Tourist Attraction in Inland NSW in 2006.  We all had so much fun and laughed the day away even though it was an extremely hot summer's day.  Was a girls' day, Grandma, two daughters and 4 granddaughters!

Photo shows the owner in front of the historic Junee Flour Mill, built in 1935.  Flour is the main component of licorice and theirs is organic licorice in a traditional full-flavoured soft rope style.  It's very medicinal and it's my worst weakness!  Plus, chocolate is good for your heart, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress!  What more can I say?

Whilst the granddaughters were visiting, they had fun using my Shiva Stiks and painted fabric to make a pencil case, a drawstring bag and a denim pouch.  All used my sewing machine and overlocker too and I was very proud how much they remembered from our last sewing day January 12 months ago. Wish they lived nearer! 

Note the plastic tablecloth and newspaper, as well as all adorned in Grandpa's oldest shirts!
Kept them quiet and amused for hours!

Courtney, Kirsten and Ashleigh (Jasmine had gone home)

Pencil Cases - they wanted them large!

They also decorated some t-shirts with hot-fix crystals using our new crystals stencils and the Professional Touch Applicator Wand.

Choosing the colour arrangement and fixing the crystals.

Each made a different design.
Four proud girls with their accomplishments from their visit to the farm!

When you phone us, it is most likely that you speak to Brenda, so allow me to introduce her.  Last week I was preparing the next Free Project for my website but needed a "model", so Brenda agreed.  Here she is "hamming it up" for the camera as I told her "you need to pose, not just stand there".  The yummy Yo-Yo Vest is made with the Small Clover Yo-Yo Maker and will be added to the Free Projects in February.  In the meantime, drool, via La-La-La Brenda, no relation to Elle!



  1. Gee - and My Grand babies think it's fun to play at my house! I run a very poor second! Mind you, yesterday Miss G and I made paper and lino printed on fabric, ready to make her a journal! She is 13 and a very good writer. She can make grown women cry with a poem 4 lines long!


    PS you need a Followers Widget so you an see who is watching!

  2. about time Judy - welcome to blog-land

  3. Welcome to blogland Judy! Glad to see you here.

  4. Welcome to the world of Blogging! Your Granddaughters look as though they had a ball being so creative!

  5. Thanks Sally, your granddaughter sounds like a gem too. Poems? Really, how wonderful. Now, what do you mean by a followers widget? If you mean the little squares with people's faces in it, we opted for that to be added later so as it didn't look pathetic with only a couple on it, like last week before I announced it. If something else, please tell me.

    Dale, thanks, thought you'd love to see what the girls did, considering all your advice to me too. I had lots more photos, but couldn't go overboard. As always, appreciate your encouragement and advice.

    Erica, Respect and admire everything you do, so a thumbs up from you anytime is always appreciated.

    Caroline, They certainly were having a ball. They had two episodes on consecutive days, the second at their request, so that was proof in the pudding that they loved it. No mishaps either or paint disasters.

    Thanks to you all. I NEED feedback.