Thursday, 21 January 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog? That was the question!

Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and all the latest communication methods via the world's internet capabilities seemed to add duplication to my Newsletters so I thought, hence I've refrained from joining these new trends up until I attended the Houston Quilt Festival in Texas USA during October 2009.  I enrolled in seminars, visited booths, listened to business friends who were "blogging" and it became apparent to me that I needed to go with the flow and join this new age "must be part of" as it certainly would have benefits for my business and my customers were also becoming very much part of this scene. 

So, here we are with Judy's Blog and Facebook! 

How will this be different to my Newsletters?  With your help you can let me know your ideas and what you wish to have included in either.  Blogging to me is more like a diary and for those who wish to keep up to date with the antics of Punch with Judy (heaven knows why?) I shall endeavour to keep this interesting business-wise, but also to be light-hearted with the personal side of things too and take you behind the scenes as we travel.  One does not take the place of the other.  The Newsletter will offer specials, new products, show news, tutorials and hints about products we sell etc. So, here we are girls and boys - venturing into unknown territories with a big breath.  Hope you enjoy.  Please give me some feedback.

Ricky Tims, world-wide acclaimed Quilter-Extraordinaire and for whom I distribute his products, spent some time with me convincing me I just HAD to follow suit and be part of this. He told me I had no option, just do it! As always, I'm appreciative of advice from people whom I respect so much and who are willing to share their own business experiences. 

Photo shows Ricky and I at his booth in Houston.

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  1. Hi, Judy - re you not having letters - I will never forget your inspiration and willingness to share your knowledge when I first "discovered" you at Campbelltown. I booked in for a patchwork course which was wonderful and a life saver. Our 19 year old son had had a fatal accident not long before and while I didn't burden others with his death, the genuine warmth I felt from you and the class members really did help so much. I learned a new craft, felt strength coming back and still remember fondly the lessons I learnt from you and your staff, giving me the will to keep going and look to the future.
    I bought a Bernina from you that has only recently "given up the ghost."
    That was 26 years ago and life is really worth living. We've coped with my husband's lymphoma and he's doing well, are coming up to our 47th Wedding anniversary and had our 1st grandchild, a gorgeous girl. She lives in London with her Mum and Dad and we plan on being with them for Ella's 1st birthday in July. Our Daughter-in-law is one in a million.
    We have much to be thankful for.
    Your warmth and caring have no doubt spread far and wide. I for one, will always be greatful.
    With thanks for your inspiration,
    Patricia Drinkwater.