Sunday, 28 February 2010

Making Roses with the VINTAGE ROSE SPINDLE

My darling Mother could do anything with her hands and used to make all the Ribbon Roses I needed for embellishments for Cottage Craft Classes I held in my shop.  When I tried to copy her, I felt that I needed a third hand; well, now I have one.  It's called the Vintage Rose Spindle and is invented and made by an Aussie, even with the same surname, though no relation - Barbara Hall.

When I had a few days off (rare occasion) late January, I fiddled around until I got the hang of using the spindle.  Whilst my first efforts weren't brilliant, I decided it had more to do with needing the correct ribbon to make life easy for a first timer.  Decided to show you my efforts to encourage everyone that their first rose may not look perfect!

Now, here's what beautiful roses should look like.......
These are made by Cindy Oravecz who has written a book "Dimensional Roses" and a DVD "Making Roses" using the Vintage Rose Spindle.  I'll have to keep practicing!
Intrigued?  Want to see what a Vintage Rose Spindle looks like?  Click here!

When I was contemplating having a Blog, some very kind business associates gave me quite freely some of their knowledge and experience, encouraging me to commence one.   I mentioned in my first post that Ricky Tims was first and foremost and even emailed me once I got it going, but another I'd like to pay a huge vote of thanks to is Jamie Kalvestran from Scrap-Bags.  Jamie has a fabulous range of exciting bag patterns that are so practical yet so different.  Instructions are exceedingly good, do try them.  Retail Shops, we wholesale them too for Jamie. She is an absolute gem of a lady, confirmed one Christmas by her offer to purchase some items on my behalf from a USA Company who wasn't able to accept orders from an International customer.  Jamie did and mailed them to me making three special granddaughters delighted with their Christmas gift from Grandma.  I'll be forever grateful for her friendship but do take a peek at her fabulous range of products too.  She is Inspiration PLUS.

What's happening on the homefront this week?  The once a year harvest of our emus commenced this morning.  John loathes this job but a farmer's work must be done.  We have a huge demand for our emu oil.  No pictures of this dear folks!  Anyway, he's not in the best books with me this week since he lost his good transition glasses somewhere amidst our 100 acres but who knows where?  I've at least got excercise in searching!  $600.00 later for a new pair .................*&#@+&*+$!

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