Monday, 22 February 2010

Newcastle CraftExpo 2010

Arrived home safely from our first Show of 2010 - Newcastle CraftExpo.  Little hard to face reality after being home since mid November!  Thank you to all who visited our stand, participated in my seminar, Liz's Make-It-And-Take It and my Discovery Desk. 
New colour scheme is Royal Blue and Orange!
It was announced that the show will be extended to a four day event in 2011.  February 17 - 20, Thursday to Sunday.
If you missed it, not to worry, Sydney CraftExpo is on in 2 weeks time.  March 11 - 14 at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. 

The 64 million dollar question of the year though goes to a dear senior citizen who asked me quite seriously if we had to take the stand down each night for security reasons?'s the commencement of set-up and of our stand after completion.
The answer????

At the opening of the show each day, the "Dance Troup" get visitors in the mood ready for a happy day's event full of fun, learning and excitement.   Here they are (the Exhibitors) practicing their new routine for 2010 in one of the seminar rooms before the show opened.  I'm not part of this little campaign as I'm always too busy 5 mins before show opening time with last minute things to do in preparation, let alone having time to "perform".

One week before our Pleat Maker Online Classes commences - March 1st.  Don't miss the first lesson if you wish to be inspired beyond belief with some very exciting texturing to your projects with our Pleat Makers.  Why I wish to mention this again is because it seems many thought for Online Classes you needed to be in front of your computer at a certain time on a given day in order to take part in a particular lesson.  No, no, no.  This is the whole benefit of our Online Classes.  I email students when a new Lesson is available.  You either view it, save it to your computer or print it - maybe all three!  Then you may participate as little or as much as you wish or have time for, whenever you want.  Your project notes are always there for future reference.  Joining the Yahoo Chat Group is also optional.  So, if you had doubts you "could not fit it in because you worked" or felt you couldn't commit to a planned regime, then sign up now.

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