Monday, 15 March 2010


My family celebrated a unique experience on Friday of last week when my father, Stan Cleverley, was inducted into the Australian Greyhound Racing Association's HALL OF FAME as a Greyhound Trainer.  What an honour!  Isn't it a shame that these honours are not enjoyed whilst in their own lifetime?  Dad would've been 100 years old a week before last Christmas, so sadly this was bestowed upon him for his three daughters to accept the award on his behalf.  His list of achievements is too long to report here but his "track record" (pardon the pun) will never be equalled.  To this day, he is the ONLY trainer ever to win every major race in every State of Australia in the same year.  Dad was not only a Greyhound Trainer, but also an Owner, Breeder and Studmaster having credentials that anyone in the industry would be proud of any one of them.  Known within the sport as "THE MASTER", he called me his "shadow" as I enjoyed a wonderful childhood with him from Greensborough Vic then to his trial tracks at Cheltenham Vic and Minto NSW.  My husband, John, worked for him for 6 years training greyhounds whilst at Minto.  For anyone in any sport to be recognized by his peers and administrators of that sport to be inducted into the Hall of Fame Nationally is indeed the highest accolade. 

Even though the CraftExpo was in full swing, where Punch with Judy was exhibiting, I flew from Sydney on Friday morning, returning that night on the midnight flight, to and back from Perth where the Grand Dinner and Gala Evening was held at Cannington WA.  I would not have missed this for the world, even though I missed one day as the CraftExpo Show.  I met with my sisters Lois and Lorraine and her husband Bruce.  Lorraine being the eldest, accepted the award on behalf of the family and made an excellent speech without any notes at all.  I would've been all choked up with emotion, so full credit to her for such composure; though she is used to such grandstand performances being a Marriage Celebrant.

commenced two weeks ago and I wanted to share with you what students are already achieving.
Shirley's set of Placemats is her first project completed using our Pleat Maker.  Each placemat is pleated differently though is hard to visualize here.  Congratulations Shirley and all the other students.  New students may enrol up to the end of this week if you wish to join us.

 commence 12th April, 2010


  1. wow that is such and honor to your father Judy. You must be so proud of him.
    I love your blog, it is great to hear about all the craft shows etc and one day I would love to get to one....I live in a remote part of the NT so don't have much chance of getting anywhere. The internet is a fantastic way to learn quilting and shop for craft gear when I live a long way from anywhere.

  2. Thanks Yvonne, it most certainly is. I imagine that most are proud of their parents but this was definitely kind of special. A remote part of the NT hey. Please email me privately telling me where and why? Judy