Thursday, 22 April 2010

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers

As many would know, John makes our Pleat Makers and last week he was having "tension" problems on his sewing machine whilst sewing the pleaters.  I tried everything I knew to fix but to no avail.  Hours!!!  The reason, eventually discovered, I thought was worth sharing with you.  I had recently given him some of the marvellous Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers to try, BUT, I had forgotten to mention to him that he needed to remove the little metal spring inside the bobbin case before inserting the teflon type Magic Bobbin Washer!  I could've screamed with my omission.  Took the spring out, replaced with the washer and the bobbin then it sewed like a charm, perfectly!
Moral:  Read the instructions!  If you have already purchased these and had the same experience, please follow the above and try again.  They really DO WORK.
If you ever get "backlash" or "bird's nests" on the underside of free-motion quilting or embroidery, often due to changing direction at high speed, then you should try the Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers.  There's also some for Long Arm Machines.
Here's some photos I took to show you exactly what I mean by the little metal bobbin spring.

Weather here has been much warmer than usual so it's absolutely delightful, EXCEPT for the wretched "Henny Penny" weed, often referred to at "Tumbleweed" but it's not.  It's everywhere!  Shed is full of it, must keep all gates to chooks, dog pens and house shut, otherwise, it would be worse.  Can hardly get out of my laundry door some days how it's built up.  Was so bad 2 weeks ago that police were manning the Olympic Highway around Culcairn (not far from us) directing the traffic and requesting them to slow down.  Our son witnessed that the Henny Penny was up to their waists as they stood beside the highway. Brenda's (who works for us) son sent this pic to share, though it had subsided a little by this time I feel.

Heading off to the AQC next week.  Don't forget that this special quilt show is unlike the other shows we attend insomuchas we all have very small stands.  This means I can't take ALL my usual treasures, so IF you need something in particular, it would be wise to let me know before Monday 26th April so as I may pack it for you.

May you all have a lovely ANZAC DAY on 25th April and spend some time remembering those who served so valiantly in both World Wars.  LEST WE FORGET!


  1. I just bought the magic bobbin washers, but there were no instructions saying to take out the spring first. I'm nervous about doing that. Can I put the spring back in?

  2. I am in the same boat as Amy - I too just bought a package but there was nothing at all saying to take out that spring first, and I am also nervous about doing that and being able to get the spring back in afterward. Anyone have info about this?