Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Marking Pencil Remover for Quilting and Sewing

Many a time I receive wonderful emails from customers, but this week I was absolutely thrilled to receive the following email from Marie who has kindly given me permission to share it with you in case you ever get desperate about a stubborn pencil marking on your project.

Hello Judy
I want to send a big thank you to your staff from the Craft Expo held at Homebush in March.
I made enquires at your stall to see if they could help me remove pencil marks from a quilt I was embroidering with redwork, I had placed one of the patterns in the wrong square, as the quilt was already pieced and I had almost finished the redwork I was very upset with myself.
They recommended a product called Marking Pencil Remover from Quilters Rule.
I tested it on a small piece of tea dyed calico as this is the fabric I have in the quilt, it was successful, so I bravely did it on the quilt, SUCCESS and the redwork embroidery did not run either!
I have been trying to find something to correct my mistake for about 6 years, I have a number of fabric erasers, none of which worked!!!

I am so happy and I wanted to share the Success with your staff and say THANK YOU, they were very friendly and willing to help.
I also purchased a tool called Kwik Klip - a pin basting tool - very good, would recommend this also.
If I can't get something I know I will be able to get it from your stall at the shows, thanks for running a fabulous stall.

Kindest regards Marie

How wonderful!  Hope this may help you some day too.
School Holidays are still with us in NSW and many attended the Royal Easter Agricultural Show in Sydney.  How well I remember many years working there selling Bernina Sewing Machines year after year!  This year, one of our granddaughters is playing Polocross in a Sub Juniors team for NSW sponsored by Elders. They've been very successful and Jasmine is returning home tomorrow proudly with a medal and a lot wiser for the experience.  Of course, the family was there to cheer her along with team support, no matter what misfortunes may have occured the previous week at football!  Second photo is older brother Reece in his present state with a broken foot!  Agghh, kids!  Poor Reece, just when he'd got his Driver's Licence too.
Beautiful weather still on the farm, nights and mornings with a crispness to them and warm sunny days.  John decided to "chop", no other word for it, a shady but messy tree in our backyard.   Much to my outrage, this beautiful tree is now only as tall as him, plus a little.  "It'll grow again and will be better" is his claim.  I think he merely got tired of the autumn leaves it has been shedding.
Online Classes are proceeding well at present and we're now in the throes of preparing for the forthcoming AQC in Melbourne.  Are you attending?

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