Sunday, 11 April 2010

NSW Quilters' Guild Meeting

Today, I was honoured to be the Guest Speaker at the NSW Quilters' Guild Meeting held at Wagga.  What an enjoyable time and such beautiful quilts shown at the Show n Tell!  A big Thank You to the committee and for inviting me to be your special guest.  A bus load of enthusiastic Quilt Guild Members ventured down to the Riverina from Sydney as well as many from this area.  Meetings are normally held in Sydney but this month they travelled to Wagga for their meeting.  The local Guild were hosts for this meeting and they "did themselves proud".  Attendance was good, food was great, numerous special prizes and raffles plus the Show n Tell of magnificent quilts and wall hangings.  What better way could a drizzly Saturday afternoon be spent?  If you are interested in quilting, you really should join your local arm of this wonderful Guild.  Simply "Google" or ask your local Council.

Guild Members listening intently to the President's Speech.

One of numerous magnificent quilts from Show n Tell.
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved and thank you sincerely for your very warm welcome.


  1. Hi Judy, Australian quilters are fortunate to have such a wonderful resource in you! You are so up-to-date on all the newest tools and trends. I know you enjoy supporting the guilds with programs like this, and that you truly value the many friendships you have developed as a result. Sandy

  2. Judy I love catching up with your news on your Blog. I am throughly enjoying using all those lovely sewing aids I purchased from you during my 'shop' days. I think John and David must have gone to the same prunimg school!!! Enough said? Hugs to you both. Mary Reader

  3. Hehehe, you are both so kind, Sandy and Mary. That poor tree now doesn't have a spot of green left on it, just a bare trunk and only John's height at that. Give it 12 months!