Monday, 10 May 2010

Bolong Farms

Yesterday was Mother's Day in Australia and if you'd like to read my Mother's Day Newsletter, please view it here.
Lots of lovely thoughts re Mums and also updates on our next Show, the Craft & Quilt Fair in Perth, from 19th - 23rd May held at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.  All the daily schedule for us is listed.  Will be interesting to see how the new "Ask It, Solve It" goes.  I'm on at 10.00am each morning.  We have so many new things to show the girls over in the west.  One will be the fantastic new Double Diamond Ruler which will also be the feature in the new CraftTech in the afternoon at 3.00pm in the centre of the Show.  Let me know what you think of these two new features of the Craft & Quilt Fairs - Perth will be the first time for them both.
You know how sometimes we travel to see a wonderful tourist attraction, yet, quite often there are several on your own back doorstep?  Exactly so!  On Mother's Day, I was taken out for lunch only a very short distance from home, in fact, just over the creek up the road a couple of klms. 
A beautiful Iris Bulb Farm called Bolong Farms.  The young couple who own it had a special weekend of stalls, wine tasting, barbeque lunch and kids play area complete with sandpit, see saw, balls and some animals.  Was a magnificent day, warm sunshine, no wind, not a cloud in the sky type of day; a great time had by all.  You should note their address and pay a visit next time you're driving down south of Wagga along the Olympic Highway, a few klms past Uranquinty before you reach The Rock.  They are open to the public and would love to have you visit.  Unfortunately, their bulbs weren't flowering this time of the year yet the farm still looked spic and span and indeed a credit to them.  Look it up at
John fell in love with their newly built, but in the mud brick style of yesteryear, Cafe which also featured several glass show cases with jewellry for sale and other items on wall shelves.
Enjoy my photos and maybe plan a visit sometime, tell them where you heard about it from!

I think it was "Hunter's Day" not "Mother's Day" since he had so much fun playing in the kid's sandpit, patting "Dash" a one year old pony, having a see-saw, then we had to leave.  You can see some of the Iris Bulb plantation in the background.  Indeed, well worth the visit!


  1. Hello Judy
    I recently bought the Curve Master Foot at the AQC in Melbourne, and I am having trouble sewing with it - I still end up with 1/2 inch left of fabric at the bottom of the two pieces ie not matched up - I have read through your tutorials etc and feel that I am doing the right things, but obviously not! I am sewing with linen and quilting cotton - is the linen the problem? Can you give me some advice of what to focus on more to get my two pieces to line up - thanks so much!

  2. Hi Bronwyn, sorry I didn't see this early enough, but you've now emailed me directly and we've sorted out your problem. For readers though, Bronwyn is knew to patchwork and hadn't been using templates for Drunkard's Path, but merely cutting a curve out of numerous blocks and taking one piece from one colour and trying to piece it to the other shape from another colour. No Seam Allowances are allowed for doing it this incorrect way. Bronwyn is now successfully piecing correctly with the Curve Master Foot. Voila! Judy