Thursday, 8 July 2010

Boys and their Toys

This week we are visiting The Apple Isle, beautiful Tasmania, for the Craft & Quilt Fair in Hobart.  I just love Tassie!  Every Australian should have a holiday in our smallest State.  Not only is it beautiful, it is different to other parts of our country, stepping back in time, reeking with history of early settlers and the convict era.
We had a very smooth passage over on The Spirit of Tasmania, with our fully laden van in the hull.  Relaxed for a day and a half spending time with friends who live along the picturesque Tamar River in Launceston helping to celebrate his 75th Birthday.

Another friend, Peter, who owns a sewing machine dealership in Launceston with his wife Robyn, is "baby-sitting" his son's home-built Lotus 7 racing car!  It is a PBR (Peter Blake Replica) built from kit form and is a dinky-di racing car, participating in many organized race meetings.  Peter took John for a whirl around local suburban streets proving what a hoot guys get out of sporty cars.  Each time they stopped at corners or lights, kids mulled around wanting to touch it and to ask questions.  Do boys ever grow up?  John did give quite some entertainment to the other guys trying to get into the car as he had to climb over the door to slide in.  Now, remember, John has had a hip replacement so this was no mean feat as he's not as flexible as he used to be.  I'll leave their mirth to your imagination.

Remember, last posting I mentioned that Reece, our eldest grandson, had purchased his first car?  Here's a photo of him with his car. Remember when you had your first car?  Grand feeling, isn't it?

Reece plays Aussie Rules for the local footy club and they were seeking sponsors early this year.  Guess who "supported" No. 1 Grandson?  Unfortunately, a foot injury isn't allowing Reece to play for the rest of this year, but he's still an active member of the Club and earnestly awaiting his return to the footy field.  The jacket he's showing off here is part of the sponsorship.  Has it's downside though as most give him a "punch" thinking they are smarties.  Agggghhhh!

So, Tassie Girls & Boys, see you at the Craft & Quilt Fair this week, Friday to Sunday, 10.00am to 4.00pm at the Derwent Entertainment Centre, Glenorchy.  We're on Stand B04 with lots of new products and all our oldies but goodies!


  1. er ... actually I just DID have a holiday in Tassie! DH and I went for 2 weeks - we also took our vehicle on the "boat" and drove ourselves on a quick lap around the whole state to see where we want to spend more time next time, and we just got home yesterday ... we were even in Hobart on the quilt show weekend ... but ... sadly I didn't get to the craft fair/quilt show ... we were too busy doing all the stuff DH and I both wanted to do (not sure what DH would have done while I got lost at the quilt show - he is not interested in looking at quilts) ... but at least I did get to meet up with an Uncle, who I had never met before, in Launceston.

  2. Oh how wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your trip around Tassie. Fascinating place and well worth the time to explore so many historic places amidst the beautiful scenery. You should've definitely have gone to the Craft & Quilt Fair though, tut tut!! Judy