Monday, 5 July 2010

A Day at the Farm

This weekend was kind of special as Reece, our eldest grandson, drove up to visit us in his "new" car - first independent visit without being driven by either parent.  Makes us feel old to have a grandson with "wheels"!
Rowan and Hunter also visited today so everyone was "roped" into helping Grandpa with the farm work. 
Thought you may be interested in these pics to see "A Day at the Farm".

Reece and John having a joke whilst doing a "crush" for emu feed.  They are feeding bales of hay into the crusher which churns it up into flakes and other items are then mixed with it before feeding out.

The boys went emu egg collecting as this is the laying season.  Not sure if this visitor approved??
The green bin on the front of the quad bike is to place the eggs in whilst the crate at the back is so as "Charlie" (John's Spoilt Fox Terrier) has somewhere to sit.

Snapped these two photos whilst out walking today, taking a break from packing for Hobart's Craft & Quilt Fair, for which we travel on Monday.  The dam is full and so still giving a perfect reflection.  Hope you enjoy these!

I have mentioned before how excellent emu oil is for therapeutic purposes against skin irritations, rashes, wounds etc. but recently it's been brought to my attention of another wondrous product for relief with soreness in hands and feet after treatment for cancer.  About a month ago, a young lady called in seeking some Udderly Smooth Udder Cream saying that it was giving her mother relief from very sore skin problems after she'd been receiving radiation for her Cancer.  Claimed it was a life saver for poor Mum.  Apparently, this is a side effect from such treatment according to another customer who has found the product excellent for his wife.  This week, I learned that some medical Oncologists are recommending Udderly Smooth Udder Cream and actually offering it to patients.  I supplied a hospital with numerous tubes this week for distribution.  Usually, we've associated this for quilters to relieve sore fingers from constant hand quilting.  I hope this revelation will assist any readers with such information or maybe you know of someone who could benefit from using it too.  It's available in 2oz Tubes, 4oz Tubes and 8oz Tub.

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