Saturday, 3 July 2010

"Really Wild Tea Cosies"

As promised earlier this week, here are some of the fabulous Tea Cosies from the queen of tea cosies, Loani Prior.  Her nine new creations are featured in her second book "Really Wild Tea Cosies" and that they are, though wackier than ever, they remain practical, functional and always very funny.  I loved them!

Carmen Miranda and Burlesque

Sleepless in Seatle and Sock Warriors

Now, how about this one?  Tea would certainly be kept hot!

Sunday at the Textile Art Festival was dress up day for wearable art. 
Definitely Mad Hatter's sort of day going with the theme of Alice in Wonderland.  I was ashamed I hadn't read all the information in detail so didn't have something special to wear, though many vests and jackets I have would certainly have been appropriate.  Not to be "out of the fun", I donned a Mesh Back Support for my angel wings on my back and had a Monkey made of Yo-Yos perched on my shoulder keeping me company (and frightening me every time I turned my head to the left!).  Gary, the organizer of the show, commented that I hadn't left John at home afterall, that I still had a Monkey on my back!!  Not nice Gary!

On the homefront, Jasmine, our youngest Granddaughter seems "hell bent for leather" to be in the 2020 Matildas.  Can't knock determination and having such a goal.  As captain of the Albury/Wodonga Representative team, here is Jasi accepting the award on behalf of her team for the Under 12 Girls Victorian Country Championship Winners held in Albury on the long weekend in June. 

Congratulations to all in the local team for achieving this success.

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