Saturday, 14 August 2010

Canberra Quilts

At the recent Craft & Quilt Fair held in Canberra, I spotted an unusual "Rob Pete to Pay Paul" quilt on display that took my eye because of the fine pieced detail in the "melon" shapes.  I apologize for I lost the details to whom the quilt belonged.  If someone can enlighten me I shall edit the posting to include her name.  I also have included it because of the current "offer" I have on my blog for quilts made with the Curve Master or "could have been made" with such.  All I need is a comment in relation to using a Curve Master.  Refer two blogs back.  Offer closes the end of August.

Also whilst at Canberra, I attended a social dinner/evening with my internet group "Scquilters" (Southern Cross Quilters) during which time we had a Show & Tell.  Here's some interesting quilts shown.  Leslie Miller proudly showing the American Indian Quilt she made for her Parents.

Love the way the flowers "fall from" the centrepiece of the "Poppies" quilt by Fiona Brooke.

The quilt above was by Carol Richardson who won my lucky door prize for the evening. 
Just loved the "boy's" quilt shown below with cars and all boyish fabrics used.
Hope you enjoyed these quilts as much as I did.  LOVE going to Canberra Show.


  1. If you click on the photo of that wonderful red and black and white quilt from the exhibition - her name, and the quilt name, is on the label - LOL
    The quilt is called "Spikes" (I love that name!) and it is by Karin Malmberg.
    I just went and found my catalouge - the description says it is foundation peiced.
    btw ... there are photos of this, and the other quilts that won ribbons/etc, on the Canberra Quilters website - at

  2. oops - I can't spell - LOL

    "pieced" is probably how I should have spelled that word - lol
    well - it is how it is spelled in the catalogue ... er ... which is another word I seem to have got wrong in that first comment! ... my brain must have already gone to sleep for the night!

  3. Thank you so much for that update, much appreciated. Judy