Saturday, 14 August 2010

Images from London

Arrived in London today without any hassles and I must commend the locals helping two struggling ladies (Liz and I) with suitcases up and down the stairs at both Paddington and Victoria Railway Stations.  Not just one flight but two or three.  The Express Rail Service was tremendous too.  Hats off to the public rail system.
We spent some time walking our little feet off till our legs ached during the day.  Don't know how we stayed awake since we had arrived at Heathrow at a little after 5am.  Staying in Victoria so we aren't far from many tourist attractions.
Many pubs and eating places are beautifully adorned with hanging baskets of colourful blooms (real flowers too) plus window displays making them very eye-catching.  Here's one such pub across the road a wee bit.  It made walking the streets so much more enjoyable and the perfume from some was most delightful.
Seems that if there was space for a car then it was okay to park your vehicle, no matter which direction it was facing.  Would be quite illegal in Australia.  Parking was on one side of the street only, but note the direction of the vehicle in the middle.  This was not a one of instance.

Here are some snaps of some of the places we visited today.

Went back to Westminster Abbey again in the afternoon, amidst heavy rain, to do the visitors' tour.  Well worth it.  Just enthralled with the majestic architecture and the wonder of the age and beauty of the place.  Left us speechless.  Shame no photography was allowed.

I walked right across Westminster Bridge and snapped Parliament House from midway.  You can tell what a dull day the weather offered.  We actually were quite cold walking around, went back to the hotel for our coats and umbrella.  Visited a few other tourist attractions too and even a few shops.

The blonde in the middle with her back to you is my friend Liz taking a photo of the gates to Buckingham Palace.  The State Rooms are open to the public for tours for a short time this month so we may have to return.  We saw a real life Palace Guard, but we just missed the changing of the Guards.

More images as regularly as I can, so please return often and follow our travels.

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  1. Karen Nethercote14 August 2010 at 18:00

    Oh, I'm drooling. I lived in aussie land "Earls court" in the 70s for a couple of months. I remember getting my hair cut by Vidal Sassoon- I'd made the appointment 6 months before I travelled and what a hair cut - like a dog I could shake it and it fell into place!, Going to the theatre, going to the January sales - and having a ticket to go in early at Harrods - I still have the Harrods stilton cheese ceramic pot on my window still. I used to go and buy cheese and biscuits - put the money in the gas meter in my bedsit and eat cheese and biscuits, read trashy novels and dream!!! I was into cross stitch and tapestry at that time and I remember dragging the girls in the next room to something that was on in Earls Court and spending an obscene amount of money on getting my purchases sent home. Hope you are having the best time Karen