Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sewing Machines at Portabello Markets

On Saturday we ventured to the famous Portabello Markets in London.  It rained, as usual, was very busy with a million people and life trying to access all the displays and antiques was near impossible, but a very enjoyable experience.  Was SO cosmopolitan and the people-watching was awe-inspiring in so many different ways that we now feel very educated on how the "other half" live.  All I can say is that I'm so glad that I live in downtown The Rock with beautiful country connections!  The rain and the crowd forbidded many photographs but here's a little to show those who may never be fortunate enough to travel to London.

The little streets were narrow and old giving a wonderful atmosphere to the small shop fronts showing their wares but when you entered, many were like Aladdin's Cave inside with little arcades and tiny nooks, each having a different attendee/owner, similar to little stalls at the shows.
Extremely colourful and well worth the visit.

Many ingenious people making money however they saw fit such as the headless couple who had a few coin bins if you wished to have your photo taken with them.

For all of you who collect antique sewing machines, feast your eyes at these sewing machines on display.  Two floors of them and all beautifully restored.

For my Punchneedle enthusiasts, wouldn't these cushions make wonderful designs for our Punchneedle Embroidery?

Lots of walking again all day causing our aching legs, feet and hips possibly never to recover again.  Some of the railway lines were closed making us walk even more in between railway stations to access a different line.  At least this time we had no suitcases to drag up and down the million and one steps.  Everytime we saw another flight of stairs we all groaned.  We went shopping in the exclusive shops in Bond Street (where we could only afford to look and wonder how people had so much money to spend on clothes) and to Grays Antique Mews.
Here's one just for John.  A pub called "The Three Greyhounds".

We found the place that sold half price tickets to Live Shows, so we were lucky enough to see "The Jersey Boys" Saturday evening, having a lovely meal in an old London Pub nearby - most enjoyable.

Liz is far bottom right in one picture and Sandy is in Red and White in the centre of the second picture, sporting her new Red Raincoat purchased at Bond Street shops (Burberry's) where Liz and I just drooled.
Till next time, hope you feel partly here with me as I share my experiences, Judy

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