Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Patchwork Bargains

Regular visitors to my website are aware of the Damaged & Discontinued Section and often pick up some fantastic bargains of products that may be shop soiled or have some slight fault etc.  I recently updated this section with some great bargains for patchwork rulers and accesories that you may wish to check out.

Father's Day is quickly approaching, so why not give him his own Man Cave T-Shirt to wear.
There's even a fabric panel of same that you may like to make a wall hanging with for his own Man Cave as they seem quite popular for the men these days.  Even a complete pattern and fabric panel combo.  When we made our samples up, we used Fabrico permanent fabric markers to colour in some sections.

I'm sure you'll find other suitable Father's Day Gifts throughout my website too.  Remember WE often receive a lawn mower or handyman's tools for Mother's Day ???? and I have in past years received 100 metres of black water pipe for underground, so take your pick from the whole website if you wish!  I'm sure he'll understand the humour.

In all my searches for any type of memorabilia about Punch and Judy in London shops, I have come up with NIL.  I really thought it would be easy to purchase some items to add to my collection since I was in home-town territory for this nasty Mr. Punch puppet.  Alas, nothing.  Then, today, I came across "Punch Tavern" so have had to settle for a photo only instead.  I'll keep looking.

The highlight of Sunday's excursions was to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the London Palace Theatre.  The costuming was nothing short of brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed the musical though I'm not sure everyone in the audience understood some of the Aussie humour or phrases.
On Monday we took the guided bus tour around the major popular tourist attractions of London and the weather was finally summery with a blue sky most of the day.  Highlight was definitely the tour through Buckingham Palace.  Was absolutely over-awed with the pageantry and dignitary and certainly the ornate decoration of everything from the floor to the ceiling.  I have never appreciated Art like maybe I should have, but after seeing true Art at its best, I am now a converted art lover.  Was floored by the detail of original Rembrandt paintings.  Wow!  No Photography was allowed inside, so sorry, no pictures.  However, to prove we WERE there, here's one upon our exit.  I have never seen such a magnificent building; the outside does not do the interior justice at all.  Nearly 40 acres of parkland as their garden allows you to feel so cut off from the rest of the world whilst inside.  

The London Eye allows you to see for 40 miles in all directions on a clear day.  Unfortunately, we didn't have time to venture.  See if you can pick the Jet passing in the background.  It's a speck right in the middle.

A Ferry Trip along the Thames River and a visit to London Tower and the Tower Bridge were certainly memorable and I'm just so glad we live in the 21st Century!

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