Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fashion sans Frontieres Show Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday's post, here are more images from the exhibits of the "Fashion sans Frontieres Show" - Russia versus England challenge.  Please refer to previous post for full details of this challenge.  Enjoy....

You may never throw your old tissue dress paper patterns away again!

This was taken whilst they were still setting up the display, hence the garments on the floor.
Just look at the majestic train........
This maginificent Phoenix design was also used as a large quilt in the main Quilt Display, which I'll show you in my next post.  Just look at the detail.....
There were several other entries too in this exhibit.  I'm sure they would all be featured on the Festival's website.  I hope you've enjoyed marvelling at the ones I've selected.
Next blog I shall feature some randomly selected quilts that drew my attention for one reason or other.

Whilst we were at the Hotel there was also an Avon Conference being held and I snapped this photo of the table displays for one of their evening functions.  Aren't they scrumptious?  The following day it was out with the old and in with another so it seems; we saw red and gold boxes with all sorts of decorations.  Such a waste after each event.
Each day as I walked to the Festival through the gardens, I was fascinated with the bees entering these lilac flowers, flying right into the centre until you couldn't see them at all, gathering the nectar then reversing out.  Flipping from one to the other, I took a lot of photos trying to capture their speed.

Monday and Tuesday we have been engrossed in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We've been to the Fringe Festival, toured the City on a sight-seeing bus tour, done the Ghost Tour and the Dungeon Tour.  Glad I live in this century! Wednesday it is a tour of Edinburgh Castle and a Boat Cruise.  Our few days this amazing city is highlighted by the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo in the evening before flying home on Thursday morning.  Schedule will be tight, so I'll post when I can.


  1. The show looked wonderful!Would have loved to have seen it.

    Those flowers look very like Himalayan Balsam which is a garden escape causing great concern in UK as it takes over riverbanks and is wiping out native species.The National Trust is aiming to clear all their properties of it this year, I believe.
    The bees do love it though.

  2. Thanks Rosalind for the local imput. Hard to believe as they were rather colourful during our walks to the show and the bees certainly were busily buzzing around them all every day. It was lovely to have some bushland and gardens scattered through the grounds. Judy