Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fashion sans Frontieres Show

At a Gala Dinner and Fashion Parade extraordinaire, exhibits from the "Fashion sans Frontieres Show" were modelled on the catwalk by those who made the garments.  All in fun and received tremendous applause.  Unfortunately, I missed out on attending, but I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Mr. Andrew Salmon, Managing Director of Creative Exhibitions Ltd (Show Organizers) who explained to me the wonderful "story" behind the display. 
Andrew said that his company has business links with a Russian Publishing firm who proudly told him in a very deep voice with much vigour "that we have magnificent Quilting Masters in Russia" to which Andrew replied in just as majestic a tone "that in England we have magnificent Quilting Mistresses"!  Hence the challenge arose.  Russia versus England.  Several "masters" or "mistresses" were invited to rise to the friendly challenge and the result was breathtaking.  Garments were not on display until after the Gala Dinner so were only viewed by the public on Saturday and Sunday of the Festival.  I will need to show you over two consecutive blogs.  I've made them large so as you may marvel at their ingenious. You will need to guess from which Country each is representing - Russia or England.

All made by Jennie Rayment, the queen of calico and tucks.
We do carry all of Jennie's books.

All made of thick piping, stitched together in rows and trimmed with Yo-Yos.

Whilst walking to the Festival from the Hotel each day, we passed through some beautiful gardens and lake so I thought you may appreciate more of the surroundings of the NEC grounds too.

We arrived safely in Edinburgh on Monday, travelling by Train from Birmingham.  Fabulous train ride taking about 4 hours.  Was a little hesitant re food on the train though since we saw a Pheasant caught in the wheel of the train with hardly a feather left on it.  Laughed at the sight and thought it may be the way they caught our "Roast Chicken Dinner"! Am kicking myself that I never took a photo for you as it truly was stuck half way around the train's wheel, dead, of course!!!!

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