Monday, 23 August 2010

Internationals at Festival of Quilts 2010

The Festival of Quilts for 2010 is now all over sadly and what a wonderful event it has been with all due credit going to the Organizers and everyone who made it work like clockwork.  I will keep posting images of quilts and stories though during this week.

Today I'm featuring some of the quilts shown in a special section entitled "Diversity in Europe".  The 17 member countries of the EQA were invited to participate and each country had their own method of choosing what to exhibit.  There were too many to show them all, so forgive me for only selecting a few because all of them truly showed the theme of celebrating patchwork and quilting's diversity in Europe.

SPAIN: "Sentiment Roig"

BELGIUM: "The Gnomes"

GERMANY: "Parrot's Island"

Isn't the quilting amazing from all of these?  Entries from all the other countries were equally as mind-blowing.

Vendors complained about the rising costs of being an Exhibitor (as we do!) but one enterprising lady I chatted with refused to pay the £75 fee for each power point by using this antique cash register.   She had no idea of its age but it did belong to her father and she had been using it since 1961 when she inherited it.  The bell rings when the till is opened, though ever so softly, the paper rotates with the closing of the drawer and she claimed it did the job for her so why update?  Just LOVE this one.  The vendor was just as much a character too.  I thank her for allowing me to photograph it to share with you.
Travelling by train to Edinburgh on Monday and the weather forcast is RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN.  How wonderful!


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!
    I feel very honoured that you are showing my "Green Genie" in detail.
    If you like you can read more about her at my blog here:

    kindest greetings from the Netherlands,
    geni (Eugenie)

  2. Hello Geni, thank you so much for visiting my blog and it is indeed my honour to show such amazing works of art. Your "Green Genie" captured my admiration and I'm sure everyone else's. It is indeed a pleasure to show the world and thank you for more information via your own blog by my visitors to read about your work. Judy