Friday, 20 August 2010

Festival of Quilts 2010

Day ONE of the Festival of Quilts at NEC Birmingham, England.
Large crowd and wonderful displays and shopping.  Quilter's Heaven!
Heard plenty of laughter and everyone was so patient with the crowd.  So friendly too when they hear our "accent".  Must say that Australia is right up to date with the latest available as I could very well have been attending a show at home.  Of course, there were different attractions and different stands featuring lots of new things I hadn't seen before, but I mean in general, we can hold our heads high. 
Fabrics!  My goodness, one could've sent a shipload home. Many more stands sold by the metre too (yes,, not by the yard) rather than Fat Quarters.  Nothing short of spectacular.  I weakened just a little......
The Show is on for FOUR days, so I will show you one topic at a time.

I was most impressed with the work displayed in the Pfaff Challenge.  Set out in a large designated area so as you could wander through and take photos and admire the wonders of some people's imagination.  Here are some that took my fancy, particularly the Venetian Scene since it had pleated water.  I think England is ready to use our Pleat Makers for their textured projects.  Maybe I should consider being an Exhibitor here sometime in the future??

Here is another bag called "A Bag for all Walks".
Isn't it interesting?  All decorated hexagons.

Maybe you fancy a decorated umbrella?  Note the beautiful detail in the jacket too.  Shame no names of the makers were with each entry.

Typical for England, here is one entry adaptly named "Tudor Threads".

"Shrine for Love Conquers All" is the name of this entry, a charming little trinket cupboard. 

Spotted an evening dress that had a side feature that looked like it had been crinkled with Texture Magic.

We are staying at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, a pretty upmarket Hotel adjoining the NEC.  However, I was surprised that the rooms had no Bar Fridge and I like to have fresh milk for my English Breakfast Tea and soft drinks (remember I'm working!), so I enquired.  "That's right Madame, but we can offer you a Mini Fridge".  "That will be fine thank you, please do so".  I wasn't quite expecting what I got but it was very nice of them to oblige.  I have opened the door so as you could visualize the proportions of such.  I will leave you with this image until next time - enough room for a bottle of water, a yoghurt and a mini bottle of milk, taken out when I snapped this to humour you!  I even had to take the shelf out to fit that much in too.  So as you may judge the size, that's the skirting board around the floor you see to the left hand side.


  1. Karen Nethercote20 August 2010 at 10:02

    Way to go with the pleatmaker!!!!!!!! and I loved the hexagon bag too. I think I can feel one coming on soon. Happy shopping. Karen

  2. Glad to hear Oz can hold its head up as far as Craft shows go Judy. So funny about the fridge, at least it shouldn't keep you awake all night with it's rumblings, unlike some digs I've stayed in, LOL. Can't wait to see some more posts,
    Hooroo, from Christine in springlike and sunny Sydney

  3. Just knew you'd love that bag Karen and did actually immediately think of you when I saw it. Now, that's a concern, isn't it? Judy

    Christine, our organizers of shows can certainly hold their heads high internationally, but so can those who show their work in our large quilt shows. We have great talent in OZ. Just so amazing to see Europeans flair and imagination with the Contemporary Quilts. Wait for more amazing photos. Judy

  4. Tudor Threads was made by Pam Bowles of Kent - a quilt history friend of mine that I finally met at the V&A in June. She brought it to the conference as lunchtime show and tell - it is a magnificent piece of work.