Thursday, 19 August 2010

Patchwork Shop

Travelled by car from London to Birmingham on Wednesday and am once again amazed at the amount of beautiful countryside we saw as we motored along the M4 and M1.  Farming is small compared to home but quaint fencing, rolling green hills, hay bales, cattle and sheep grazing, old farmhouses and indeed a treat.  Detoured to Weedon to visit Brambles Patchwork Shop.  Was an old house in a narrow street that we would never have found other than an English customer telling me about it.
What a delightful, busy little beehive of a shop.  Well worth the detour.  They presently have a feature of Gail Lawther's works presented in a special room devoted to all her beautiful work on display.  No photography was allowed, but you may visit to see her work.  Featured were her impressions of her trip to New Zealand.

One room after the other with beautiful fabrics, which I declined to be tempted because of the weight to carry home.  The stairway shown ventured up into more display where I did find a cute bag pattern, so I didn't come out empty handed!

Arrived at Birmingham safely and visited the Festival of Quilts during their set-up day and noted who was there etc.  The stands are different to ours at home, insomuchas they are ALL uniform with no high walls and nothing allowed on the fascia so it seems, though they were still setting up.  I noted some regular customers and who I needed to visit first.  Sorry I didn't take any photos to skite that we were there before opening! So, we're in for an exciting few days ahead.  I know you're all jealous!

Took a train to Birmingham New Street Station so as we could check out the shops, as we females like to do.  Liz scored some bargains and we enjoyed shopping around the department store and smaller shops.  Was amazed how close the main department store complex was built to a most beautiful ancient church.  It just didn't seem right that you were level with the top of the church so close to it so I took some photos to show you what I meant.

Next blog I'll report on the Festival of Quilts, here's the Guide I collected ahead of time yesterday by chatting up the "man on the door"!

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