Sunday, 19 September 2010

Machine Embroidery Retreat

The Machine Embroidery Retreats held at our warehouse/property the last week and still continuing, have kept me quieter with postings this week as you could well imagine.  Shall devote the next group of posts allowing you to see what the students have been learning and maybe encourage you to join us for another Retreat in the future.

Group 1 have now arrived safely back home with all their new inspirations and Group 2 are on their last day today, so I shall have their photos later this week.

The beams of satisfaction with themselves certainly shows in this group photo and I'm sure all students will put to good use all their new knowledge.

Wish I had've taken a photo of the warehouse before it's transformation to our classroom!  Here's a snap of it ready for the students to arrive and one taken outside during a lunch break.  Note how lovely our countryside looks at the moment and with canola crops in the background.

Robyn is giving some extra advice to some of the students with Robyn McKinnon at the sewing machine. 

Robyn came to the Retreat with the dream of being able to make lace even if she learnt nothing else, that was her hope.  When she did achieve her dream, we were all amused with her antics of prancing around delightedly with her doily on her head - she was so "over the moon".

Students made lace corners on handkerchiefs, doilies, motifs and some commenced lacy tablecloths using The Sewing Revolution.

Sewing on sheers proved very popular, particularly when they "adhered" motifs to cakes of soap and making sheer lavendar bags.

Sometimes, all did not go well!  There were some "whoopses" as does happen with all of us.  So "Yeahs" for the day were not always awarded to the achievers!  Bet this has happened to you too.
More wonderful images tomorrow, then a day of the students finished projects.

Now for some new items added to our website last week:

Jenny Haskins has released some of her now unobtainable quilt designs magazine editions as a special edition series with the bonus of having the complete instructions and machine embroidery designs on a CD together for the amazing price of only $44.00.  You shouldn't miss these.
I used a Tutto bag whilst overseas recently as my airplane luggage carrier and it was nothing short of brilliant.  Choose the larger version though if you wish to use it for your sewing machine to take to Retreats, Classes or on holidays.  I chose a Purple one though - you know me!


  1. Thats Lace work..White lace is embroidered with white piece f cloth is lovely....and really very graceful....

  2. Hi and thanks for your comment. Meaning Oregon Patchworks in Oregan USA? I'm glad you appreciate Robyn's work because she is really just a beginner and was so excited with her new found talent! Judy

  3. What great ideas for sewing and machine embroidery designs! I didnt know there was such a thing as a machine embroidery retreat. Thanks for sharing the good ideas and beautiful designs. I hope I'm as good as you ladies someday!