Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Embellish Magazine & More Winners from Festival of Quilts 2010

Released TODAY, so HOT OFF THE PRESS.  New Issue of EMBELLISH MAGAZINE - Australia's magazine for machine techniques, felting, shibori and so much more.  Everyone is so excited about the introduction of this very informative magazine.  Visit my website to read what imaginative techniques are explored in Vol. 1 Issue 3, released today, 2nd September, 2010.

While you're visiting my website don't miss the great September Special for one of the most popular template/pattern combinations from Brandy's Products.  Makes a fantastic easy quilt with so many options for children's quilts, heirloom/photo quilts and featured panel quilts.  This is a great offer at this discounted price.

Winner of the Quilt Creations at this year's Festival of Quilts was "Dirty Bertie the Pangolin".  I didn't even know what a pangolin was?  Proves you don't need to make a quilt today to win a quilt exhibition.  This one deserved its first place, he was absolutely superb.  Sarah Bailey made this large puppet with quilted and embellished patches from hand dyed fabrics and machine-made felt.  Her 3-D patchwork brilliance also featured beading and she used Madeira Threads.

Winner of the Group Quilt Award was called "Portholes" made by Lucie Summers & Jenny Spencer, a mother/daughter team - what talent in the family!  I live in hope that some of my grandchildren will have the same passions as I do.
You need to see this close up to appreciate the detail and imaginative stitching and peephole of every porthole.

There were many quilts entered in the Traditional Quilts Section
but this one received the Judges' Award.
"Pictures of the Past - 4 Seasons" by Annie Eggink-Steenhoek

Annie said that a small Christmas Card with a drawing of famous Dutch historic painter Anton Pieck gave her the inspiration for this quilt.  The 4 parts (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter) are hand and machine pieced though all the quilting is done by hand. 

Wish I could show you every detail.

There was a fabulous display of exhibits called the Rust Tex Collection, which I'm showing you one example; though many others were very way out "textile-type" creations rather than quilts.  I feature it in this blog since the exploration of using Rusting Powder is featured in the new issue of Embellish Magazine shown at the beginning of this blog.
I purchased all the Rusting information and DVD at the Houston Quilt Show last October but must admit I haven't given it a whirl as yet.  Dale Rollerson from The Thread Studio, who wrote the article in Embellish Magazine, is an expert in this field so since she's a friend, I may have to get some tips and tricks from her too; though I tend to use the same products in a different way to Dale.  It's a fascinating technique.

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