Friday, 3 September 2010

"Roses from the Heart" - Bonnet Memorial

If you visited the AQC in Melbourne this year, or some of the other Craft & Quilt Fairs in Capital Cities of Australia, you may have marvelled upon the display of Baby Bonnets and read of Christina Henri's fine example of remembering our history through our sewing skills.  Christina was also a guest at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and did herself and our country proud with the display of her achievement so far.  In case you are not aware of what her project and goal is, you may like to visit her website for full details. 

A cloth bonnet Memorial to all convict women transported to Australia, it is Christina's aim to have one bonnet made for each recorded female convict sent to Tasmania from our Motherland ever so long ago.  To date, over 18,000 bonnets have been made by participants world-wide.  The final permanent public istallation will comprise of 25,566 bonnets.  The proposal is open to anyone who may wish to participate in reaching this goal. 

In Birmingam, a huge area was granted for the display so far and Christina was there encouraging all quilters/sewers to assist her.

From the Festival of Quilts:
"Roses from the Heart"
Concept and Installation of Tasmanian Artist
Christina Henri

What a fitting display and it aroused a tremendous amount of interest and participation.

Hats off to you Christina (pardon the pun) for a job well done with so much enthusiasm and spirit.

A very lengthy wall display of many bonnets made plus there was an enormous floor display.

Whilst we're in the "history" mood, I admired this wallhanging, also depicting part of our past.  I'm sorry that I didn't confirm its origins or details, but I think it was "Eureka Moments" by Hilary Gooding.  Someone may correct me if my recollection is wrong.  Take note of the detailed border.

Following is the last of some quilts I've chosen randomly as ones that took my fancy. Apologies for no details of some.

Simply called "Roses"

"Fabric Distortion" was made by Claire Sitzjohn.  Along the lines of the Ruched Flower classes we've been holding at the shows this year, hence it took my eye.  Claire machine quilted this little wall hanging with quilted origami and hand embroidery.  Themes of distortion, glass and crystal reflections, fantasy & twisted fairytales.  That says it all!
I think this one was in the Miniatures Section but I know it was an entrant in the City & Guilds Section.
"Grass" made by Heather Allson machine pieced but hand quilted her entry adding hand embroidery and beading.  Heather said she was inspired by the shaded banks she passed each day she walked her son to and from school.  What imagination?

Mesmerizing quilt in black and white - note the curvature yet there is none in reality.  Very clever because the squares are not all the same size.  Look closer. Complete "eye trickery"!

Absolutely amazing interpretation of the traditional Log Cabin.  Wonderful choice of colours and placement.  I marvelled at this quilt as Log Cabin is one of my all time favourites - probably is yours too!

Incredible where that purple bag of Punch with Judy turns up!  Liz was coming out of a seminar when she spotted another purple bag of ours being carried by a visitor.  Now, I know there were a few visitors from Australia at the show, but would love to know who had the forward thinking of taking one of my bags to hold all her purchases?  Could it have been one of the group of girls from Brisbane to whom Sandy chatted whilst she was demonstrating, saying that they had purchased a Curve Master from her at the Brisbane Show?  C'mon girls, who was it?  Thanks for the advertising!

Next blog I'll take you to Edinburgh, Scotland!  Shall give you some comments on some classes I did too maybe next week.

As I write, we are travelling to our second daughter's home in the Nowra district since it is her birthday on Monday and, of course, Father's Day on Sunday, which also happens to be John's birthday (though he's stopped counting, think Melinda has too).  Will be great to catch up with our three granddaughters, hope they will be over the moon when they see that I've brought them their own Overlocker!!!

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  1. Hullo Judy.

    Thank you very much for showcasing my concept Roses from the Heart(r).

    Your photos bring alive the interest that the bonnet installation generated amongst the thousands of people who came to see the hand made tributes to Australia's convict grandmothers.

    I would be pleased to hear from you. Please email me