Sunday, 24 October 2010


The Craft & Quilt Fair has certainly been busy and today is your last chance to attend if you are from Brisbane or surrounding areas.

More photos of some quilts from the Qld. Quilt Show on display at the Fair and I do apologize for not having time to take more photos to show you.  We certainly congratulate all entries and thank them for providing all the visitors such a wonderful display and so much inspiration.

1st Prize as a Non-Professional First Time Entrant was awarded to Audrey Folette for her beautiful entry "Gather Ye Rose Buds".

1st Prize in the Professional Textile Art Section was won by Di Mansfield for her "Rough Hewn - Locked Log Cabin".  Each block had rough fringed surrounds making it quite cuddly and resulting in a warm texture.

Best Wall Quilt for the Show was made by P. J. Neil for "Working Together - Creating Our Future".  It also won Third Place in the Professional Pictorial Section.

Our hands on craft class of making Ruched Flowers plus so many other variations has been booked out each day.  Yesterday I snapped the girls enjoying the class as Liz was teaching them.

This class will be repeated daily at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Adelaide next week, so you may email me a booking if you don't want to miss the class as they do fill up early.

Tomorrow I will show you what our talented young people, quilters of tomorrow (though great quilters already), have contributed to the show.

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