Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Punchneedle Online Classes

In 2011 I will be holding another Online Course for Punchneedle Enthusiasts.  Whilst I don't have an official date set as yet, I am taking "expressions of interest" to help me ascertain when I can hold another.  If you have any brand of Punchneedle you may well like to join us to learn more about this fascinating embroidery.  If you don't have any punchneedles but would be interested, then you may like to learn as well, so I suggest you visit our website and view the products associated with Punchneedle Embroidery.
Classes are held once a month giving students adequate time to complete each project or ideas given.  You don't need to be in front of your computer at a given time, as is commonly thought.  I send students an emal when a new lesson is available for them to go online, download and print whenever they like.  The Yahoo Chat Group is a great addition to the course since students can display their "homework" and ask questions so as everyone may see my replies and suggestions.  Really worthwhile course.

At the Brisbane Show 2 weeks ago, Penny was demonstrating our punchneedles and had made some new little "badges" that were very simple and ever so cute.  Here's how to make one yourself. 

1.  Draw a circle onto the wrong side of your fabric and make a "smiley face".
2.  Punch the eyes and mouth in black and the rest in bright yellow - you may use either the #1 or #3 Punchneedle for this and a medium height pile.
3.  Cut the circle out leaving a generous seam allowance around the entire circle of punched embroidery.
4.  Make up as a self-covered button (using a kit) or cover a circle of plastic or heavy cardboard with the fabric circle of punched embroidery.
5.  Attach a safety pin or brooch back to the back of your new little "Smiley" Badge.

At the show, Kim from The Sewing Revolution showed me her new quilt using her new tool "Create-a-Tilt Ruler" which I introduced in my last Newsletter.  If you like things being a little different, this new tool/ruler is for you!  I can visualize this as a memory quilt with family photos inserted into the blocks, or machine embroidery designs.  It's a lot of fun using her new ruler so do consider it.  Create-a-Tilt has an extensive chart of measurements for all sizes of blocks and the mathematics given are simply incredibly easy to follow.  No working out maths for you at all!  Well done Kim and Ann.
Thought you may like to see our new little emu chicks and how they are progressing.  Note that they are striped when young and then they go quite dark, nearly black, as they grow older.  Juveniles are 10 - 14 months and that's when they are nicest meat for the table.  Although Emus are birds, the meat is red like a steak.  The adult emu produces the most oil when it is at least 4 years old.

Here's another photo of some slightly older chicks.
Note the water still in our paddocks from our recent floods.  That's not our dam, just excess water laying around.

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