Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Rock Floods Aftermath

Last month the heavens opened on our area in such force over a short period that Burke's Creek wasn't able to cope, resulting in freakish flooding in the township of The Rock.  Unheard of for The Rock, though I know many other areas suffer from floods.  Water is still lying around as the earth is so wet underneath that it isn't seeping in.  Here's a snap of our emu paddock still in flood nearly 4 weeks on.  This is not a dam, but a normal paddock. The emus are loving it.

This guy wanted to know what a camera was?  See the mound to the right of his head; we've had 10 truckloads of seconds wheat delivered which should keep them going all year.  It ferments and smells to high heaven, hence it's as far away from the house as possible, but the emus love it, even after it turns black.  Maybe just of interest to some city folk and international readers.

Really, the only damage we had, apart from leaky roofs, was a fence got washed away down the bottom of our property on the boundary of Burke's Creek.  Now, I might add that this fence is way over 100ft above the bed of the creek, so you can imagine the amount of water to fill that creek (which normally seldom runs at all) plus up the bank, plus made our bottom paddock a river, plus washed away this fence!

We had left home 24 hours after the main downfall to travel to Brisbane for a show, but a friend in The Rock captured these pictures and I asked if I could share them with you.  These are two images of the main street in the township.

Weather has now warmed up and I've started walking the perimeter of our property again each day, in a bid to lose the weight I put on in England in August and to frighten away those aching bones.  This morning I captured a flock of Cockatoos along the creek and they seemed very inquisitive with me staring at them.  Mainly for the benefit of overseas readers, aren't these birds simply stunning?  They keep themselves groomed impeccably to be so brilliant white.

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