Thursday, 9 December 2010

Miracle Fabric Sheets Quilt

Miracle Fabric Sheets are one of several options we offer for placing your photos successfully upon fabric and are very economical compared to many other varieties.  They now are available in A3 sized sheets for those who have printers to accommodate this larger size.  The A4 sized sheets give you the option of White, Natural or Tea-Dyed Sheets, so you have plenty to choose from.

One of my customers, Kay Pollock, recently sent me a photo of her completed quilt which I am delighted to share with you, particularly as it features so many photos so close to the heart since John and I live on a farm.  This could nearly belong to us!  I'll let Kay tell you about it further down.........

Kay said "I made the quilt for my husband Rob for his 60th birthday last August 2010.  We live on a farm with sheep and cattle.  My husband is also a shearer and that is why I had the fabric relating to sheep. I chose green toned fabrics for some of the background to represent farming.

It was a surprise for him and he loved the quilt. This was the first one where I printed the photos myself, previously I had taken them to a print shop which cost me a lot more. I am very happy with the results from the Miracle Fabric Sheets and have just printed the photos for my next memory quilt which is for my cousin's 80th birthday in April 2011."

Wish I were a cousin Kay, but not 80 years old thank you very much!  Isn't it simple yet so great because it has sentiment and relates to things of interest to the receiver.  You can do it too!
Thanks Kay for sharing.
May I add that when I'm using Miracle Fabric Sheets that I change the printer settings for "thick paper" so as it proceeds through the printer at a slower pace enabling more toner to be deposited and I also change the colour settings for the saturation to be more vibrant and to check the brightness (whether or not the original requires a brighter image).  These settings give me a brilliant finish but may be different for your own printer, but it's worth checking.


  1. How inspiring Kay! Thank you for sharing that Judy!

  2. You're welcome, Maria. Hope others enjoyed same too. C'mon, more should share what they've been up too. This is how we learn and certainly do gain inspiration. Judy