Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Laminating with Iron-On Flexible Vinyl

Christmas sewing is in full swing as sewers complete hand-made gifts.  The last few weeks we've seen a remarkable increase in sales for HeatnBond Iron-On Flexible Vinyl which laminates and protects fabrics.  So I presume many are making barbeque aprons, swimming bags, placemats, baby bibs and totebags - plus so many other suitable projects.  Being water resistant and with a lustre finish, it certainly is a versatile product. 

When it was first introduced, I made an apron during a hands-on class at a show in USA and fell in love with it all those years ago.  Yes, it's not new, but you may not know about it.

Package comes with complete instructions and three projects but a few tips I learnt was to iron out all creases in your project fabric before applying the vinyl and always use a firm surface, not a well-padded ironing board.  Use a dry iron and I never have success with a Teflon-Coated Iron or with an Iron Shield over the iron.  They are good for many projects but not for any transfers or coatings.  You don't even have to finish the raw edges of the fabric because the vinyl seals the fabric at the same time. 

Keep it in mind next time you think your project could be laminated!

This is something that children could use too for quick craft projects because no sewing is required for some projects.

Have you printed my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST and stuck it on the fridge?  
Santa may get the wrong surprises so this is a safety net for you, believe me!

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  1. Thanks Judy, now I know how the lady called 'Nee-bob' at the Old Bus Depot markets in Canberra can have her bags, baby bibs, baby change mats etc made from such a variety of vinyl fabrics. She makes her own obviously with this product. I was just about to spend a lot in postage to Brisbane in order to buy some more of her stock. Instead I'll spend money on postage to order some from your site! And I'll laminate my own fabrics!!

  2. Thank you so much for your very informative article regarding vinly fabrics. I've learned so much from you and your great ideas. Reading through your article I was able to learn new things about vinly fabrics which actually I haven't heard before.

  3. Isn't that great then? I'm so pleased I've enlightened some of my very dear customers. I'll have to do more of these, "how to do it" postings then. Good for you Maria, let's know how you go with your "laminating" and we'd love to see some results.

  4. Hi Judy, Is the a heat n bond that can be used on fabric to make them PUL for making nappies? H