Monday, 27 December 2010

So this was Christmas!

I certainly hope you had as wonderful a Christmas as we enjoyed having our whole family together celebrating this joyous occasion at our 2nd daughter's house on the NSW South Coast for the very first time. Melinda was the perfect hostess and we all over ate as one does with the traditional English Hot Christmas Dinner and an Aussie style evening meal.  Melinda was the photographer in this photo so she's the only one missing though I know you can't see all the grandchildren furthest away, you'll recognize a similar vision that may have also had at your house.  We lift our glasses to toast you all. 

On Christmas Eve, Melinda's husband Joe, an Inspector in the NSW Police Force, delighted youngest grandson, Hunter, with a proper Police Cap, previously owned by another Inspector.  A little over-awed at the time, being held by a REAL Policeman in uniform, Hunter, who loves Policeman (don't think there's ever been a young boy who didn't want to be a Policeman at some time in his childhood) will love taking his new pride of joy as show and tell to Pre-School!

Of course, Santa and the Reindeer need something to eat and drink when they visit after all children finally are fast asleep, so food is left outside for the Reindeer and the usual Milk and Cookies inside for Santa Claus.  Rowan, our son, helps Hunter with the water, oats and carrots left on the front lawn before going to bed on Christmas Eve. 
It was a wonder that the whole neighbourhood didn't wake up when Melinda and Andrew nibbled the carrots and left a trail down the lawn in the middle of the night.  Maybe they were in the spirit of Christmas and maybe the few drinks helped the merriment.  They were literally "helpless" with laughter and had us all in stitches with their antics.

Early Christmas morning, the local Fire Brigade, did their usual rounds up and down the streets, with siren blaring, throwing lollies to all the youngsters who came out to cheer them on. What a wonderful idea! They give up their family time for a few hours to bring such excitement to all the kids. Santa Claus and his elves perched high on the back of the truck. Well done fellas!

Look at the wonderful Plum Pudding Tree Kirsten made with Choc Chip Muffins, topped with melted white chocolate and decorated with green snakes for the leaves and a Jaffa on the top.  (I prefer green Mint Leaves rather than green chewey snakes!) 

Just love the stand too!

Weather was perfect and the swimming pool was ample relief from the hot weather.  Shame I couldn't get a photo of the whole family "in the swim" but believe me, everyone enjoyed themselves. 
Kirsten and Jasmine (the eldest and youngest granddaughters) say it all.

So how was your Christmas Day?


  1. We had a quiet one! Just the four of us. Of course, Santa had left me some crafty things to play with! :-)

  2. Well then, that means you had a great Christmas. I hope you're "playing" well and having fun. Judy