Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011 - Rutherglen Wine Region

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone,
Cheers to you for 2011!

We saw the New Year in very quietly at home with some very close friends who arrived on New Year's Eve.  Relived the Edinburgh Tattoo 2010 which was broadcast on TV.  Remember, earlier posts showed my trip to England and Scotland and I was fortunate enough to have been there in person to see it.  I'm sure they all got tired of me crying out and pointing to "that's where I was sitting" - look at the great view I got!!

Had the weekend "away from the business" to share the precious moments with our friends.  Saturday was a great day.  Travelled through the Rutherglen Wine Region and sampled a few wines, made some purchases, followed by a lovely lunch in the main street of touristy Rutherglen.

There were so many to choose from but we settled for ALL SAINTS ESTATE and so pleased we did.  I purchased a bottle of their Muscat (yum-yum, very smooth and warm) after the usual wine sampling.  Just look at the beautiful castle-type winery and the gardens were superbly kept. 

Don't miss visiting if you ever are in the area.

 Their Cheese Tasting and Shop was very "morish".

See what I mean by superb gardens?

Then on to my favourite - CAMPBELLS WINES - to purchase more of my favourite, "Autumn Harvest".  So sweet a desert wine as you've had.

I liked their children's play animals in the front gardens and saw some kids riding them and having fun.

After the wineries we ventured to Rowan's house at Howlong, not very far at all from Rutherglen, spent a while there, then we all drove to Sharelle's house for a great barbeque, game of backyard cricket and celebrated Nick's 16th Birthday.  What a great day!

Tomorrow, I'll take you on another excursion! 

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