Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Monte Cristo Ghosts?

Do you believe in Ghosts?  Monte Cristo Homestead has been voted as Australia's Most Haunted House.  We visited it at Junee on Sunday and though no ghosts appeared, we had an interesting day exploring days bygone of how people lived.  Fascinating.  I thoroughly recommend it if you have time when travelling the Olympic Highway in NSW.

The historic two-story house has wide verandahs and beautiful wrought iron work and is open to the public even though it is still occupied by Reginald & Olive Ryan who purchased the building in 1963.  The history is fascinating - read it at http://www.montecristo.com.au/    
Here's a little taste of what you may see.

The original building and then the main homestead building built later, as we visited it.................

Your imagination has to relive the magnificent past!

The Ryans have refurbished the mansion as close to the original as possible and have added a Ballroom, Souvenir Shop and other extras, but the grandeur remains the same.

You may take a tour on their website of the main rooms - like the Sitting Room that I photographed here. I did take numerous photos but I'll limit them.

I was fascinated by the Crazy Quilt on one bed, though it was covered in plastic for protection, the image is clear enough for you to see.

I was drawn to the antique Puff Quilt on one bed made from Yo-Yos that Clover have resurrected so successfully in the last few years.  We have all been "yo-yo crazy" of late.  Note the overhang of the quilt.  What to do with your scraps of fabric??????

Look at the old sewing machine in one room...........could that be a miniature patchwork quilt?
The outside buildings housed many old carriages and the owners have been restoring them to their magnificent past pride of place.  First, this is how they look as Mr. Ryan purchases them, then to the ones on display.  Note the "Henny Penny" or Tumbleweed gathered underneath them, we are presently just starting to have the nuisance of this around our house too.

Of course, with any tourist attraction, there is always the Souvenir Shop.  It's just a shame that so many only visit here without paying the small fee for visiting the Monte Cristo Homestead and Outbuildings to discover some of our heritage. 
Do visit - I hope you've enjoyed this little treat.
PS - from the crest of the road south of Junee, you can actually see The Rock Hill even though it is a 90 minute drive away, so I'm not sure how many klms as the crow flies!

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