Monday, 4 July 2011

Fantastic NEW Needle Threader from Sewline

Sewline Products have added a new item to their range and it's nothing short of brilliant.
Designed specifically for those very fine needles (size 9 - 12), which are the ones that give us the most trouble when threading, the Sewline quickthru Needle Threader will allow you to thread the finest of needles with ease. Wonderful!!!  Looks like a pop-up lipstick!
At the Craft & Quilt Fair late last month, one of my most respected customers, Alan Tremain, for whom I have the highest regard as one of the most talented Quiltmakers extraordinaire in the country, purchased a Sewline Needle Threader from me.  Within days, Alan emailed me with the following review.  As this was a complete surprise to me, I asked for which magazine had he written it?  His reply was "just for you, to do whatever you wish with".  Wow! I thought.  Allow me to share his findings of this new product.  We are indeed honoured.  Thank you Alan. 
Alan R Tremain - Oz Quilt Sewing School
Review - Sewline quickthru Needle Threader
"As many of us get older the eyes of needles seem to be getting smaller, how often have I heard my students say this!  There are many reasons why we should all be using a needle threader, let’s face it we want to spend all of our available time sewing not squinting trying to thread some of those beautifully crafted but fine needles.
One of the most important reasons for using this threader is that it uses the fold of the thread which is so easily threaded through the eye which in turn leaves the cut end smooth and not the fluffy and we all know the problems fluffy cut ends can cause.
The ‘quickthru’ threader is well made, typical of all Japanese products, very compact and when the clearly written and diagrammed instructions are followed, very easy to use.
A simple light touch is all that is required to complete this often tedious task.
A handy needle guide featuring needles from 10 of the top manufacturers is included for quick reference.
I tested the ‘quickthru’ using size 50 pure cotton sewing thread from two major companies and the threader performed perfectly every time with a wide range of needle sizes. This item would be great for travelling especially for those like me who hand sew on long flights as it includes a very nifty built in thread cutter.
The ‘quickthru’ threader also features a built in needle case suitable for pins as well.
Here’s a tip for you - If you are anxious about travelling with your favourite hand sewing needle, simply thread it close to a zip, either on your person or carry-on luggage. I have found this successful on every trip.
I recommend this threader to all that either have trouble threading a needle or like me are tired of the old and frustrating ‘lick and poke’ method of threading hand sewing needles.

So whether you are a quilter, embroiderer or heirloom sewer, this is one tool that should definitely be in your sewing kit.
Congratulations Sewline for another innovative hand sewing tool that will have you buzzing through your sewing and enjoying it more!"
Judy's Note:  If you feel resistance STOP, the needle eye is not open to the pin. Reposition the needle eye and gently press once again. Never press too hard as you may break the pin - easy does it.  However, if ever required, there is a Replacement Cartridge available.
Here's another tip for those who will still thread their needles by the "lick and poke" method Alan mentioned above:  wet the eye of the needle, not the thread; this way, the thread seems to find it's way to the eye of the needle so much easier all by itself without your perfect eyesight.

If anyone else would like to review any product they have purchased from Punch with Judy, please email your findings.

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  1. If you feel resistance STOP, the needle eye is not open to the PIN. The position around the needle and gently press it again. Never press too hard as you break the PIN - easily done.

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