Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sydney Quilt Show Winner

At the recent Sydney Quilt Show 2011 by The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc. held at the Craft & Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Merelyn Pearce won both the "Hanger's Prize" and FIRST PLACE in the category "Predominantly Applique (Professional).  About her quilt "Preston Dreaming" she said "In this final quilt in the series of six I have sought to highlight the influence of Australian Aboriginal Art on the work of Margaret Preston who strove to achieve a truly uniquely Australian artistic expression."  Well done Merelyn.

I know you'll agree her quilt is absolutely magnificent.  Shame photos never give as much as the real quilt offers.
Of course, I was drawn to the Emus, since we have an Emu Farm!

You may visit the next Craft & Quilt Fair to be held in Melbourne, at Jeff's Shed, Southbank.
28th to 31st July, 2011, from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily with late night shopping till 7pm on the Saturday night.
Full details of my workshops etc will be on my next regular Newsletter.
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Now, action on the farm this week. 
A month ago, the Electricity Council visited checking all overhead wires and said two of our Pine Trees had to go because overhead wires were being put at risk.  Now, the trees were planted before any overhead wires existed, but when a farmhouse was built on an adjoining property, electricity had to be conveyed to them and this was the shortest route, over our young trees.  No choice, so Friday they arrived to do the deed.

Discussing which ones to go.......ones marked with a RED X on the trunk, no getting out of it!
Pulling the fallen tree into the machine that chops it all up into wood chip, funnelling it into the truck.  Must add that they were extremely polite and professional agreeing that it's always a shame to lop down trees but they had no option for safety reasons this time.  Note that the dogs lended a hand and befriended the guys.

We now have some mulching for the garden (which at the moment needs some TLC).  Will have to let it "mature" though as the pine tips are very green.
We now have a view out upon the horizon.  They did only cut out two trees and trim another, so it wasn't too bad.  In this view, if you look hard enough, you can just see the overhead wires that were the problem.

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