Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Kanga Cup Soccer at Canberra

Yesterday we drove to our country's Capital, Canberra, just 3 hours away from us, to cheer and support our youngest granddaughter, Jasmine, play soccer.  Jasmine is in the Albury United U14/15 Girls Team and at this stage, they are undefeated - it finishes this Friday.
The 2011 Kanga Cup marks the 21st edition of Australia's Number 1 Football Festival, being held at various grounds across Canberra during these school holidays. The Kanga Cup is the biggest Youth Festival tournament in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the biggest in the world! (According to their website)
It was a splendid clear (sunny but chilly) winter's day in Canberra and we enjoyed our day's outing.
You can JUST make out our Punch with Judy Logo on the far bottom right hand side of their banner.

Our daughter, Sharelle, who is the Team Manager told them they had to play well today because one of their sponsors was present to watch them, but she didn't add that it was her Mother!  The former sounded more impressive to the girls.
Jasmine is the second from the right in the front row.

I did say it was chilly when the wind arrived late afternoon, so some of the girls snuggled under some blankets Sharelle had made.  Thought you may have been interested for some quick no-sew blankets that your kids can make easily and have such fun doing so.
Take two, same-sized polarfleece blankets of different colours, purchased quite cheaply from any chain store.
Place them wrong sides together and secure with a few pins to hold in place.
Cut into the edges with scissors or a rotary cutter, a fringe of about 5" depth, approx. 1" apart.
Tie knots, using one "fringe piece" from each coloured blanket so as the two blankets now become ONE.
That's it!  Polarfleece doesn't fray and this will withstand constant laundering.

VOILA!  The girls loved the warmth and bright colours.  Try it - excellent project for the school holidays for both girls and boys.

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