Sunday, 7 August 2011

Emu Chicks New Home

As you may know, we have an Emu Farm and we'd always hatched and raised our young but for the past few years, because of the workload with the business of Punch with Judy, we have had our own emu eggs hatched elsewhere with little emu chicks brought to our farm at about 8 weeks of age.  This year, we are reverting to doing it all ourselves.  The need for a better "home" for the young emu chicks was necessary.  We saw some great containers converted into many "work horses" at last year's Henty Field Days. 
So.....look what arrived this week!  Thought you may be interested to see how it was delivered too.  A 40 ft container, weighing 4 ton, decked out to our specifications with heating/cooling, divided pens, floor to be concreted yet, air vents, whirlies in the ceiling and a back door to allow the chicks to go outside during the day.
Being unloaded.......

All remote controlled by the guy in the yellow shirt.
Set up on concrete blocks and at a slight downgrade so as water will drain out the door when hosed out.

Inside is divided into two long halves with four pens on each side (all "gates" are open in this view).

Back ramp allows the chicks to enter at night to be kept warm and safe from foxes. 
It is a refrigerated van with heating, cooling, lights, air vents etc.

When not used for the emu chicks, which are due to be hatched later this month, won't it make a great storeroom for Punch with Judy's stock?  !!!!!!


  1. i showed Trevor and he had a laugh at your parting comment xx

  2. I don't know the answer but I can't help thinking that there must be a wonderful expression out there to give a proper name to an emu hatching house that doubles as a place to keep them safe from foxes..

  3. Not sure, maybe you can think of one. The brand of hatcher we have is called a "Daddy Emu" because in the natural state, it is the male bird who sits on the eggs to hatch them. Sorry, you didn't give a name above, but think of something catchy and send another post. Judy