Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Emu Feathers

Readers have responded with a lot of interest in our new Emu Chicks and questions about emu farming.  Mostly, we are farming for their oil though feathers are becoming popular and emu meat is extremely healthy being low in fat, high in protein, iron rich and low in cholesterol.
Emu Oil is extremely therapeutic, whether taken orally in capsules for body well-being and the treatment of arthritic joint pain, or rubbed into the skin as an oil for skin & tissue repair, burns, healing, relieves swelling, arthritis, rheumatism, aches and pains.  We have a whole range of products available on our website.
I promised I'd show you how the little emu chicks are progressing.  These are now 3 weeks old and enjoying the sunshine daily.

Curious little fellows, pecking at my camera case.

We now have over 100 chicks with another batch due in October.

Emu Feathers have been graded in length and assembled as a plume for decoration to the hat band of our Anzac Army Hats worn by Cadets in their marching out parade.  These are our feathers made by an Army Colonel for the soldiers.

I have two treasured framed "fairies" dressed in skirts made of dyed emu feathers made by a friend and past fellow Exhibitor at Shows, Karen Rawolle.  Aren't they exquisite?

The boys were shearing last weekend..........

This weekend..............we have 20 students and 4 hubbies arriving for another Machine Embroidery Retreat!!!  I'll send you some photos asap. 

I have noted that this month we have surpassed
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